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It is 9:20 on a Saturday

It’s 9:20 on a Saturday evening, and I’m sitting on a bench, snuggling Rachel on my right, and Jess on my left. Jess has little Cara in her lap, with Andrew on her other side. Above us is a starry night sky, seen through the branches of the trees that surround us. The bench is in Kickapoo State Park, just west of Danville, Illinois. The park holds movie night on the weekends, and tonight’s movie is Toy Story 3.

The day started with a few rays of sunlight casting a dappled light on the side of our tent, a welcome sign that the scattered rain the previous night had passed. Oatmeal for breakfast, and some quiet time for the kids. Jess changed into her cycling clothes, and headed out for a ride. I opened the laptop, reviewed my most recent email, and started coding an LDAP bulk user linking utility.

Fresh local peaches purchased yesterday at a roadside stand on the other side of Illinois became a morning snack. Jess returned from her ride, a 24 mile loop that I’ll enjoy later in the day. Kids head off on bikes to play at the swingsets with the small mob of kids here for the weekend. A little more work and a phone call, some lunch, and Jess heads into town for some groceries and a load of laundry. I leave on that bike ride, then finish the LDAP tool, committing and pushing my code for review and deployment. That customer will be happy.

Fire roasted hot dogs for dinner, then showers for everyone. Jess braids Cara’s hair, and we gather jackets and blankets for the movie.

Later in the evening, Jess and I sit together looking at the night sky, and ponder.

Why is today the exception, instead of the rule?

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