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Got Power?

Windfarm in Iowa

When you travel with as many gadgets as we do, keeping things charged is a necessary evil. Today’s must-haves include the core things we use for charging.

Power Strip

Yes, really. Wall plugs are often in short supply in hotels, friends houses, and powered campsites. A power strip can help you get everything plugged in, and plugging everything in in the same place can limit the number of items you forget when you pack up to go. We use an average 4 outlet power strip at the moment, but I’m tempted to try  a PowerSquid.

 4amp USB charger

Many of the gadgets we have use a USB cable (mostly micro-usb, and a few mini-usb) for charging. We use a 4 amp charger, with 4 USB slots. This allows charging a few devices at once off a single plug. Getting a 4 amp charger is important if you want to charge multiple (and larger) devices at once.

 Car DC USB adapter

Someone brilliant created these 2 outlet USB devices for the cigarette lighter in your car. The best ones have a 2 amp slot for charging larger devices. This adapter is a 3.1 Amp adapter, allowing both the 1 and the 2.1 Amp slots to be used at the same time. We have two of these.

 Car Inverter

Sometimes you just need a plug, and an inverter can supply you with power on the road. You can swap out the cigarette lighter adapter for some battery clamps, which allow you to use the inverter directly from the car battery while parked. This has come in handy several times during our trip.

Most trailers and some new cars have these built in, but if yours doesn’t, it’s worth having one.

Well, that’s the bulk of it – for the record our pile of charging cables and cords is a tangled mess in a backpack. Something we’ll need to fix at some point.



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