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Minnesota: aka Land of the Lakes

Yes, we realize Minneapolis is not exactly on a direct route from Lehi, UT to Woodbridge, VA. BUT we couldn’t resist. My older brother and his family recently moved there when he got a job teaching (ack! He’s a Dr. now!) accounting at the University of Minnesota. When my sis-in-law mentioned a beach front apartment, free gym, and lots of fun, we jumped on the detour. I’m so glad we did! The thing that we loved most about Minneapolis is the cycling system! These people know how to ride bikes. It was amazing! Bike paths, bike highways, everybody ride bikes. It was heaven. Plus Minnesota wins the award for coolest welcome sign in the country. So far.

We did go the the Mall of America and ride the rides (just because that’s the first question anyone asks me when I say we went to Minneapolis) but we really didn’t see much of the mall. American Girl store? Check. Lego store? Check. And that’s about it. When you have a 7, 5, and 3 year old, however,  that’s all you really need.

And… without further ado I give you the 60 second version of Minneapolis:

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