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Noncomittal Airstream modifications with Command Hooks

On our very first trip in the Airstream, we realized that we needed some hooks. Hooks for towels, keys, sunglasses, and clothes. As you can imagine, I wasn’t excited to drill holes all over the walls and furniture trying to decide where the hooks would work best. Spackle doesn’t look great on aluminum.

Enter 3M Command Hooks. I’ve been using these for years, but I’ve been cheap, and usually bought the plastic variety. 3M makes a line of metal command hooks, which are both stronger and better looking than their plastic cousins. The use the same awesome pull-to-release adhesive strip as the rest of the Command Strip line, but look and work great with the decor in our new silver home. The Metal 3M Command Hooks come in three sizes, and we have used both the Small and the Medium hooks.

When you decide you made a mistake with hook placement, you can remove the hook and use a replacement strip to remount the hook. Most hooks even come with two strips, so save the spare. Replacement strips are also available, and you can buy adhesive strips that work better in moisture heavy environments such as the shower, bathroom, or the east coast.

As you can see, we use quite a lot of them.

Using Command Hooks in an AirstreamUsing Command Hooks in an Airstream (2)

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