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Gear – Coiled Trailer Breakaway Cable


Any trailer of significant size has brakes on the trailer tires. Nearly all of these trailers will also have a breakaway cable. This useful cable attaches separately from the hitch and chains, and will activate the trailer brakes if the cable is pulled. Many cables are straight wire, and have the tendency to drag on the ground. This is bad.

After arriving at my destination to find a frayed cable, I knew there had to be something better. Many methods of securing a brake cable would interfere with the operation of the cable, preventing it from doing it’s job. After looking around, I found the Fastway Breakaway Cable. This thing is coiled (keeping it off the ground) and it’s red, which helps me remember to check it when hooking up. The coil is just enough to hold it off the ground, but is not nearly enough force to pull the emergency brake, so there is no worry about the cable causing the pin to pull out while driving causing a trailer brake lockup on accident.

Note: The pin on this particular cable fit my emergency brake, but it might not fit yours. Pull out your current pin and compare to make sure you get a compatible cable. Also consider getting the 6 foot cable if needed for your setup. Look around, and buy the one that will work correctly.

Coiled Breakaway Cable for Trailer

Coiled Breakaway cable for trailer 2



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