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A Day In the Life: City Edition

One thing I love about being on the road and having our location constantly change, is that there is no “typical” day. There are a lot of similar things we do everyday, but no two days have been exactly alike so far. I love it. Our days vary quite a bit too if we are in the city, or out at a State Park, or by the beach. I thought I’d share one of our days so you can get an idea of what it might be like. We are currently in San Diego, CA staying at an RV park in the city.

Sam and I try to get out of bed to work around 5:30am. He’s much better about it than I am. Often I’ll snooze my alarm and go right back to bed until the kids get up at 7am. They come out from the back bedroom, we snuggle, and then I send them off to get dressed and make their bed while I get going on breakfast. I am a breakfast lover. Pancakes, French Toast, Oatmeal, German Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs – you name it. We only have cold cereal once or twice a week and the other days I typically make breakfast. Today was French Toast.IMG_20140303_082408_1

After breakfast activities depend on our plans. This day we had plans to visit the San Diego Zoo, which I typically count as school for the day. I took a shower while the kids cleaned up and made sandwiches for us to take for lunch. Sam settled in the back on the bed with his laptop to continue working while we got ready to leave.

IMG_20140303_082435_1Rachel’s pretty good about wanting to do her own hair these days, although sometimes she still asks for help. She stands up on the toilet so she can see herself in the mirror. Most days I try to brush out Cara’s hair and do something with it.

IMG_20140303_084609_1The kids and I load up in the truck along with our adventure bag and a cooler for lunch while Sam moves out to the table to be more comfortable for work.


We arrived at the zoo around 10am and stayed until 4pm. Looooong day, but my kids do so well its really easy. We bring our own snacks, but occasionally splurge on something at our destination as well. We usually don’t buy souvenirs. We have no place to put them and a lot of times its just cheap junk anyway so our standing rule is that we just enjoy and leave. This time, however, I totally caved. All three kids wanted a small stuffed animal and they had been so good I said yes. Rachel got a leopard (her favorite), Andrew an elephant (no surprise there), and Cara got a cute little monkey whom she named “Monkey Socks”. They’ve played with them non-stop since then, so I’m thinking it was a good purchase.


We got back around 4:30pm and I sat down to relax for a minute, and the kids ran over to play with the neighbor’s daughter until dinner.


Most RV parks will receieve UPS or FedEx packages for you. Since we’ve been here for almost 2 weeks, we Amazon Primed everything we’ve been waiting to order. We had quite a few packages arrive, one which was Cara’s new ride a long bike. Sam and I spent some time putting it together and then we had Cara test it out. Success!


Dinner time and I was feeling lazy, so we went to Costco to get shopping done and eat. We all got Polish dogs and drinks for a grand total of $8.10. I love Costco. Getting home and fitting everything in the fridge and freezer is puzzle, but Sam can usually fit it all in.


Bedtime! The kids brush their teeth and get their pajamas on…


…and then we all pile on the bed to read scriptures.


We put Cara to bed first around 7:30pm (most nights) and then we read with the other two until their bed time around 8:30pm. Sam and Rachel are currently reading Fablehaven, and Andrew & I just started a new Secrets of Droon book.

IMG_20140303_200429_1After the kids are in bed, Sam and I typically stay up until about 10pm working. I’ll blog, edit photos, or plan our itenirary. Sam will try and squeeze in some more work, blog, or currently he’s working on taxes. Once or twice a week, we’ll quit early, snuggle in bed with the laptop and watch one of our favorite shows on Hulu. Current favorites are White Collar (although I’m pretty sure the season just ended) and Castle. Since we have to pay for internet by the amount we use we’ll occasionally watch a DVD while we work instead.

 There you go! As I said, our daily life depends on where we are and our plans for the day – but this is probably a typical adventure day in the city.





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  • danielle - It always amuses me how much I like seeing what peoples days look like 🙂 The zoo always wipes me out. The boys get a second wind in the vehicle and I just want to curl in a ball and sleep!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - I love this post! It’s so fun to see how other people live. I can totally relate to the part about the refrigerator puzzle. I pride myself in how much I can fit into that tiny space.ReplyCancel

    • Jess - I am constantly amazed at how much we can fit. People wonder if I have to go grocery shopping every other day, but I really feel like I don’t have to shop more often than at home. Maybe we just eat simpler?ReplyCancel

  • Mica Hale Hauley - Awesome. Love the details and the photos. Looks so do-able! 🙂 ReplyCancel

    • Jess - Totally do-able, and even a little normal, right?ReplyCancel

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