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Seasons and Sacrifice


We are often asked how long we plan to travel. The answer is both simple and complicated.

There are things we  enjoy, and things we believe strongly in, that do not fit well with a traveling lifestyle. I love woodworking, home automation technologies, and technology meetup and hack fests. Jess loves regular photography shoots, regular gym access, a pantry, and neighborhood friends for the kids. We miss having more opportunities to teach our children the value of hard physical labor. Though we attend local church meetings every Sunday, we all miss other regular church activities.

We believe that life should be balanced, but not necessarily in each moment, or even in each season of life. Some seasons have more school and less money. Some have more work, more driving kids to activities, and housework. We are blessed to be able to spend this season of our life traveling. This season requires the sacrifice of some good things for the overall experience.

Sacrifice is the practice of giving up something good for something better.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…” – Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

We love traveling. We love how it directs the time we spend, the places we go, and the act of intentionally choosing each day the way we will love. We will travel as long as it supplies, for this season of our lives, what our family needs. This season could be a few short months, or may extend into years. I am confidant that we will know the end when we get there, and that this season will have been a success.

A new season will begin, and it will be time to spend time on other things, we will move our life in a different (and perhaps slightly more normal) direction. But today? Tomorrow? Onward, little Family, to new and exciting places!

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