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Pizza, Date Night and San Fran

This Week on Instagram March 29 - April 4 2014

Travel Dates: March 29 – April 4, 2014

California has been blessed with quite a lot of rain this last week. Although it makes venturing out difficult, we are grateful many prayers have been answered for the needed moisture! We’ve had a great week hanging out with Sam’s family. A visit to the BEST pizza place in existence, trips to the city, grandma snuggles are just a few. I was sick at the beginning of the week so we didn’t get much done Monday or Tuesday, although somehow I managed to take the kids to the Children’s Museum where we played with clay and stop motion for over an hour.

We also earned the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park Junior Ranger Badge, ate ice cream at Ghiradelli Square, made some new Airstream friends, Sam got in a few work projects, and we visited Uncle Jake at the White Cap store he manages in the city.

Grandma invited the kids over for a sleepover, which allowed Sam and I to attend a session at the Oakland LDS temple, go out for a delicious Mediterranean dinner, and buy new shoes at REI!

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