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How Much Does It Cost To Live in an Airstream: March Summary

How Much Does it Cost to Live in an Airstream March 2014

Another month! I like that these monthly financial summaries give me a bench mark as well as accountability. Another month down, another month still financially stable. Its exciting!

I’ll detail a post later on about how I budget in general (because that’s not really Airstream life specific) but just know that these are not ALL of our expenses. Not even close. These are just the ones that are fairly Airstream specific. We still have health insurance, life insurance, entertainment expenses, loans on the Airstream and truck, HSA contributions, children’s savings, mortgage and utilities on the house in Lehi… You get the idea.

But aside from all that, most people want to know what it’ll cost in the Airstream. The biggest differences for us are the camping fees, higher gas spending, higher groceries, laundry, and occasionally the higher eating out (only because we never really ate out before).

Here are the numbers. I thought I’d try a spreadsheet this month for easier visualization:

Untitled-1 copyConclusion? We are doing great! Well within our budgets. I couldn’t be happier. The next few months will be a bit different as we are headed back to our house in Utah (to sell it) but are planing a Southern Utah trip for May.


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  • Stevyn - Hey Jess! Hope you guys are doing well. Quick question about your budget (which I look forward to each month)…how do you keep your laundry budget so small? Ours ends up being $10-15 each week. What’s your secret?ReplyCancel

    • Jess - We don’t wash our sheets often enough? haha Seriously though, we end up doing a lot of laundry at friend’s or family’s houses when we courtesy park. We seem to do that at least 2-3 a month so that helps. We also just don’t have very many clothes. All of our clothes for a week usually amount to 2 loads, max. Sheets and towels I can usually do in another load.ReplyCancel

  • TheFunnyrats - You should add a “total” row on your spreadsheet for each month.ReplyCancel

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