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One Year Ago, We Drove Away From Our House

One year ago we officially drove away from our house on the way to our house swap in Virginia. We celebrated with a beautiful evening hike up at Angel Lake in Nevada.

It is difficult to place a single anniversary on our travels, as we grew into our adventures in stages. Over the course of the next few months, we’ll have a small handful of ‘one year’ anniversaries.

But this one is likely our biggest. One year ago, we drove away from our house in Lehi, Utah in a minivan packed to the gills. We spent the next 18 days driving across the country, camping and staying with friends, on our way to Virginia for a house swap.

Those 18 days changed us in ways we didn’t quite yet realize at the time. Our adventures led us to find and buy our Airstream, and begin this grand adventure. But there are other posts about that.

Today, we celebrate the courage to drive away to something unknown. How did we celebrate? With an evening hike through wildflowers to see a waterfall.

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