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I have this problem. You see, when we are in an area I feel like we absolutely have to do everything scenic, beautiful, fun, exciting, and adventurous within 20 miles. Its ridiculous, but nevertheless, I feel that way.

We are hanging out in Portland, Oregon for the week (9 days to be exact) and I have this GIGANTIC list of things to see, museums to visit, food to eat, Amazon supplies to order, stuff to fix, and people to meet up with. So far we’ve crossed a few things off the list, but I’m finding that mostly cities make us…


Yes. Tired. All that running around gets to a person. I kind of want to go sit in the hammock and read a book. Only there’s no place to hang my hammock in our concrete city RV parking lot. Such a shame.

So, while there are still definites on our to-do list while we are here, I’m thinking we might need to just sit by the pool for an afternoon and just relax.

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  • Boyink - We had to develop a mindset of “leaving something for a future visit” – otherwise the stress of trying to do/see everything is overwhelming.ReplyCancel

    • Jess - Exactly. Even if you don’t know for sure there will be a next time. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Derek - We only move our home every three months for work, so we pretty much have time to get everything done on our bucket list for an area. By the 8-10 week mark, we are usually itching to go to the next location. I think that’s the caveat of families who are always on the go, they all seem to feel overwhelmed by their own schedules.ReplyCancel

    • Jess - And we travel slower than some! But yes, it does get overwhelming. I think I’d get crazy bored at 3 months though. lol!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Watson - I used to feel that way to, but at some point it just became too exhausting to fit it all in. Especially when you add work into the equation. There is just no way we can ever see and do it all. Now I am content to choose a few favorite activities and leave the rest for next time. And when we do make those return visits, it’s fun to then pick up where we left off with the things we missed the first time around.ReplyCancel

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