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He is the Gift

Thanksgiving reminds me to be grateful, and Christmas reminds me of Christ. Though many Christmas traditions originate in interesting ways, I celebrate the way the holiday helps me turn my thoughts to Christ, and of the miracle and blessing of his birth. I try and make sure that I do not let myself get buried in our activities and forget Him.

We spent last Christmas in our Airstream, just North of Houston Texas. We had a quiet and magical time as a family, where it was easy to direct and focus our attention and activities. The lights we strung inside the Airstream lent a magical feeling to our holiday.

I remember the Christmas that I really discovered the joy of giving. That year, I finally figured out that the giving is much more important and special than the receiving. My joy increased, and my understanding of our Heavenly Father’s Gift to us grew as well. I am grateful for Christ, for his willing sacrifice and his Atonement. He is My Saviour, and yours too, if you’ll allow him to be.

This Christmas we will be spending with family in Utah. We will trade a little quiet and simplicity for family traditions and a slightly busier schedule, but there too Christ will be our center of celebration. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and that you also can celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with those you love!

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