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Celebrating Christ


Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate our Savior, Jesus Christ. The symbolism of spring, a rebirth and a fresh beginning is a perfect frame to consider the new life offered by Christ. Symbolism is important in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (which is the official name of the Mormon Church) though we use symbolism in different ways.

If you have ever visited an LDS church or temple, you will notice that the symbol of the cross is absent. We do deeply believe that Christ sacrificed himself for us, but we choose to symbolize his life over his death.

He lived for us, loved us, and taught us. He died for us, redeeming us from our sins. He opened the gates of death, and we all will be resurrected. The real magic of Easter is that Christ Lives again, and is here with us. He loves us, watches over us, and helps us in more ways than we can detect.

Part of Christ’s involvement in our life today is the calling of Prophets. As in days of old, he has called prophets to teach us the Good News of the Gospel and help us apply it in our lives.

Twice a year, we have the opportunity to hear directly from a prophet called of God, his 12 apostles today, and other leaders in the church. Each April and October a conference is held, and using today’s awesome technology we can stream it right over the internet.

Saturday April 4th and Sunday April 5th, there will be sessions streamed live at 10am and 2pm Mountain Standard Time. Please join us and hear the messages and music presented. (Visit during conference time to see the live stream.) My soul is fed each time, as The Spirit touches my heart and motivates me forward on the path of faithful living.


We enjoy some typical traditions including yummy breakfasts and Easter egg hunts, but my favorite part of celebrating Easter is dedicating some of our time to learning and living the Gospel of Christ more fully.

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