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My Favorite Alternative Sport


In one of my church meetings this past Sunday (Elders Quorum, for Mormon readers), everyone in the room introduced themselves by name and answered a question to help us get to know everybody. Last Sunday in the same group, they asked everybody what their favorite meal was. This time, we all shared our favorite alternative sport. The answers were entertainingly varied, including ping-pong, lacrosse, and curling. The mention of curling prompted many heads nodding in approval, because Minnesota. One guy claimed Settlers of Catan as his favorite sport. Game night in his family must be quite an event. I wonder if it is considered full-contact?

When my turn came, I claiming cycling as my favorite. I’ve ridden several centuries prior to full-time travel, so this was a reasonable answer. We do travel with bikes, and try to ride when we can. One of those opportunities came up today, and I rode a nice paved loop right off the state park we are staying in. I enjoyed my ride, but I began to rethink my answer given on Sunday.

I’ve decided that full-time travel is my favorite sport.

We regularly practice planning a route, finding places to stay, dodging ‘weekend warriors’, managing tanks, battery power and propane, and finding good signal, just to name a few. Sometimes luck and practice come together to place us in an amazing place. And sometimes we end up in a dumpy rv park. Really, I’m surprised at how many times things just work out, even when we are not on our A game.

Next time somebody asks me that question, I’m going to have a much better answer.


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