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Madsen Family Lifestyle Photos – Minneapolis, MN

There are very few things I miss about our “sticks and bricks” lifestyle. Overall, living the life of a nomad suits our sense of adventure and we don’t mind the inconsistencies that come with it.

Everyone once in awhile though, I get to photograph a family and realize how much I loved it. I photographed weddings & families (kids, and even a birth!) for years in Utah before we left to travel in our Airstream. Interacting with clients, other photographers, and learning how to run my own business and handle a camera shaped a core piece of my personality and I think there will always be a bit of nostalgia there.

Living in Minneapolis, my brother’s family spends a lot of time at the lake. Baker Park is one of their favorites, so that’s where we chose to do a quick mini session one evening. During the week, the evenings there are pretty deserted, peaceful, and there’s gorgeous lighting as the sun goes down behind all the trees. ¬†Couldn’t have asked for a better evening!

IMG_4991Love that this one shows off their personalities!


I’m not sure I really want to push photographing professionally as we travel, but I’m definitely open to the occasional photo shoot – so let me know if we’ll be in your area!

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