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A Week Off in Canada

Pukaskwa National Park_10

We’ve been on a bit of a mini-vacation. Last Monday we crossed the US/Canadian Border near Pigeon River and have spent the week skirting the northern border of Lake Superior.

Thanks to the awesome T-Mobile plan we are on, we’ve had cell signal, voice, text, and even data on our phones. While its been great, some of our favorite places this week were very much off grid so there’s been a distinct lack of posting to the blog.

It’s been great.

Sam and I had some in depth discussions around multiple campfires about our family, our plans, our future and what we want the purpose of the blog to be and where to spend our time.

While we are definitely not done blogging by any means, things my slow down a little around here while we get caught up on other things. Make sure to sign up for our weekly newsletters so you’ll be notified when blog posts do come!

As always, thanks for reading!

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