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Mountain Biking at Flat Rock Ranch, Texas

This last spring we spent a few weeks in Texas. After playing tourist in San Antonio we were ready for a break in the country. We made a quick stop at the WoomBike headquarters to pick up some demo bikes and then we headed out into the hill country to Flat Rock Ranch – a private ranch that has also built miles of mountain biking trails.

Travel Dates: March 31st – April 2nd, 2016

Ha! Currently more bikes than people. Good thing @woombikesusa had a really sweet @sea_sucker sucker rack we could borrow for the roof. Can’t wait to hit the trails this weekend! -@currentlywandering


The kids wasted no time getting right to the business of playing with friends. We were joined by @livinginthemomentum and couldn’t be happier to spend the weekend hitting the trails with them!

This particular weekend was also our General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We were planning to hang out and ride trails in between watching and listening sessions on Saturday.

“Starting the weekend a little early and I can tell it’s going to be a good one!” -@jesscurren

Once the trails mostly dried out the next day we went for a ride. Margaret Leigh and I went on a girls’ ride and the Sam borrowed a mountain bike so that the two of us could go out together. Definitely solidified our desire to trade the cyclo cross bike  for a second mountain bike.

The trails at Flat Rock Ranch are pretty varied. There are some incredibly technical climbs that I can’t imagine anyone being able to ride, but also some great swoopy downhill sections, lung busting climbs (that aren’t so technical), and beautiful views!

Cara managed to loose her first front tooth and with the addition of her new glasses, she suddenly looks much older than almost 6. Our baby is growing up!

Love that we have been able to spend so much time with our road friends! The kids set up a tent among the hammocks for a play area. They attempted to sleep in it, but luckily they all came in as we had a wicked hail and rain storm our first night. While it made us a little nervous there was no serious damage.  

“Math Question: if we had a dime for every piece of dime-sized hail in@jesscurren‘s hands, how much money would she be holding?” – @telegramsam


“Our vehicle for adventure. Although today’s overcast and windy weather might call for baking and curling up with a good book.” – @currentlywandering

We did find some trails for the kids to ride! Some of it they had to walk, but most was single track and pretty ride-able for the older kids. Cara didn’t do much riding, but she wasn’t really in the mood and we didn’t want to push her.

In between sessions of#ldconf we hit the trails in various groups. The older kids and moms (@livinginthemomentum), just Sam and I, and one last ride with just me and@riveted_rachel. This girl kills it on the uphills. So proud of her and happy to be her mom. Even we fight. Love you kid! -@currentlywandering

DSCF4457-1Our last night we threw wood together and had a roaring campfire to keep away the chill. Loved relaxing and talking with our friends while most of the kids had a late movie night in the trailer!

Campfires with friends on a ranch in Texas hill country. Doesn’t get much better! -@currentlywandering

We had a fantastic weekend! I love being able to camp right in a trail system as it makes riding so much faster and easier! The kids can stay at the trailer and play while the adults get out and there’s no commute!

Next up: Eating Our Way Through Austin, TX

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