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“Home” as a Routine Not a Place


We spent almost the entire month of June in Manti, Utah participating in the Mormon Miracle Pageant. As we were packing up to leave I had the overwhelming desire to go “home.” Since we leave full time in our Airstream, our home is always with us and I had to stop for a minute and think about what exactly that meant.

We are comfortable in our 188 sq feet of space. Some days it feels a little tight, but given the option we’d rather sleep in our beds over staying inside someone else’s house. We cook, clean, work, do school, and all other normal home-like activities in our Airstream and none of that had really changed while we were in Manti. Well, except maybe the cooking part. It was just too dang hot to even fry eggs for breakfast.

So if our living accommodations hadn’t changed, where was this longing for “home” feeling coming from? As Sam and I talked it over we realized what we were missing were our normal routines. Pageant was a lot more time consuming than we had original thought, so there has been a noticeable lack of school work, exercise, eating healthy, outdoor exploration, blogging, and Airstream improvement projects over the last month. We’ve been going to bed long past midnight and having breakfast at 10am. What we were really missing was just our normal every-day life.

I’ve always believed that we can make any place feel like home  – that its more of an attitude, a sense of belonging for our kids, and a comfortable pattern that we live by rather than a particular dwelling. Our experience this last month reinforced that idea. While changing things up (or going on vacation) can be fun for awhile, we need to have boring, normal days just like anyone else!

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