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What? Summer is OVER?

DSCF6597Our cousins went back to school yesterday so naturally we had to head out so as not to be distracting. I still can’t believe school has started. Okay, okay, its been going for at least a month in places like Arizona, but that doesn’t make me feel any better. I swear summer keeps getting shorter and shorter.

The kids have been excited to start their new curriculum for about a month, so I gave in and we “started” school today as well. You know, since we haven’t even finished our History book from last year and we pretty much do school year round.

On the upside, starting school today did give us a normal schedule. Looking back over our summer Sam and I are amazed at how irregular our life has been. We were in Manti for the whole month of June participating in the pageant (still have a blog post coming on that soon). July was all about attempting to see cousins in Driggs, ID while recovering from pageant and trying to figure out what our life will look like for the next year as we transition into more of a hybrid – travel family instead of a full time travel family. Turns out that looks a whole lot like living in a condo for part of the year, but we’ll have more on that in a bit as well.

After that we had the quick jog to California for our Curren family reunion at Camp Noyo (blog post about our time there 2 years ago), hanging with cousins at their house afterward for the weekend and then bam! Summer is over.

We didn’t even go backpacking. Honestly, I feel a little robbed.

We are now headed up the Oregon Coast for a bit, will loop through Northern Idaho and Bozeman to see friends, check on said condo in Driggs, and then head south for the winter (and some backpacking!). We are excited for cooler temperatures and a slower pace of life. I got my workout in today, the kids did school, Sam easily worked a bit extra, and Rachel even made cookies.

So while this summer was a little crazy and my head is still spinning, we have a lot to look forward to over the next few months. Can’t wait.

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