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Daily Life

Holidays, birthdays, mail, grocery shopping, laundry, plus a typical day in the Airstream.

Executing the Crazy Plan & No Time to Blog

We are still alive! I promise. I know I’ve been slacking on blog posts, but we have just been so darn busy withView full post »

Our Wandering Plans for 2017

Since November of 2013, we’ve traveled 40 thousand miles with our Airstream home, visiting over 350 places along theView full post »

Countdown to Summer Instagram Gear Giveaway

I’m starting to see signs of summer plans popping up all over social media. The snow photos are decreasing andView full post »

Items We Still Buy at Costco & Our Costco Connection Magazine Cover

People seem surprised that we have kept our Costco membership even while living in such a tiny space. Either we areView full post »

Learning the Guitar with jamstik+ & Four Chords {Plus a Giveaway!}

There are many perks to the traveling lifestyle, but there are also a lot of activities and hobbies we have put onView full post »

I’m Just Not Good Enough

I sat outside on my yoga mat with my eyes closed and just breathed. It was cold outside in south eastern Arizona, butView full post »

Our Favorite Board & Card Games for Elementary Kids

We live in 188 square feet of space, but we definitely make room for games! Whether they are educational or just forView full post »

Choosing to Opt Outside For Black Friday

Thanksgiving weekend also means the start of Christmas. We are pretty diligent about not listening to Christmas musicView full post »

25 Gift Ideas for Adventurers, RVers, and Families

Its time for the holidays! While we are avid “no Christmas tree before Thanksgiving” kind of people, IView full post »

Small Wardrobe Made Easy With Aventura Clothing

Having a small space for clothes has both its positive and negative sides. On the one hand, our closet for 5 has lessView full post »

Spending our Nomadic Halloween with Friends in California

Every year we’ve managed to spend Halloween with friends or family. We don’t always choose to spendView full post »

Sam vs. Jury Duty – Tips for Full Time Travelers

I spent a few days this last week as a member of a jury in a criminal trial. This is my second time serving in a juryView full post »

We’ve Been Traveling for 1000 Days, and Why That Doesn’t Matter

When we originally left our sticks and bricks house in July of 2013 we had no idea what was in store for us. I woke upView full post »

Chore Chart, Tickets, and the Family Store

When we first started out in the Airstream it became very clear to us that our kids still needed to do chores. In ourView full post »

A Month in Manti, Utah for the Mormon Miracle Pagaent

Travel Dates: May 28 – Jun 26, 2016 In two and a half years of travel we have never stayed in the same spot forView full post »

What? Summer is OVER?

Our cousins went back to school yesterday so naturally we had to head out so as not to be distracting. I stillView full post »

Ultimate Summer Gear 10K Giveaway!

We are pretty stoked here at CurrentlyWandering to have reached over 10,000 followers on Instagram! I’m stillView full post »

Moochdocking in Driggs, Idaho With a Surprise Family Visit

Travel Dates: June 27 – July 11, 2016. With no agenda other than making it out to California for our CurrenView full post »

“Home” as a Routine Not a Place

We spent almost the entire month of June in Manti, Utah participating in the Mormon Miracle Pageant. As we wereView full post »

Our Spontaneous Plans for the Month of June

Sometimes the best plans are the most unexpected ones. Our original spring plan involved visiting the Very Large ArrayView full post »

Visiting Woom HQ in Austin + a Helmet Giveaway!

During our visit to Austin, we made a visit to the Woom Bike USA Headquarters. You might remember Woom Bikes from ourView full post »

Funny How Things Work Out Sometimes – Long Key State Park

We weren’t even supposed to be at Long Key State Park. After the Dry Tortugas, we originally had planned to stayView full post »

On the Road – Capturing Stories Through Travel Photography

The drive through Nevada on I-80 is definitely not listed on America’s Top 10 Scenic Drives. Boring, flat, and fairlyView full post »

Christmas in the Florida Keys

We’ve known for over a year that we wanted to spend Christmas in the Florida Keys. Last winter we coveredView full post »

We Have a Visitor in the Airstream

Last Saturday my younger sister flew in from Utah to visit us while we tour Orlando, FL. Its been fabulous having herView full post »

Merry Christmas from Currently Wandering!

We have had quite a spectacular year! This has been our first year without a sticks & bricks house to call homeView full post »

The Currently Wandering Holiday Gift Guide

We seriously own 90% of this gear, and the other 10% we would own if we could fit it in our Airstream (ahem! VacilandoView full post »

#ThankfulForFamilies Instagram Contest & Giveaway 2015

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving and the spirit of giving than to talk about how grateful we are for ourView full post »

Gear Review: Trekking the National Parks Board Game

We recently stumbled across a new board game at the Sleeping Bear Dunes Visitor Center in Michigan. I always make it aView full post »

I Don’t Trust Myself in Suburbia

“Just get out the door. Just get out the door,” I chant to myself as things start to look bleak for ourView full post »

Doctors and Dentists and Chores, Oh My!

We have our permanent residence in Utah (at my parent’s house consequentially) as we always have an excuse toView full post »

Rachel Turns 10 While Sleeping Under the Giant – Ontario, Canada

September 15, 2015 Dear Rachel, You are growing up so fast and I love that we get to spend some much time watching it!View full post »

At Least There Was a Caterpillar

Life is always harder when Sam is gone. This was true back in our sticks and bricks, and even more so on the road. HeView full post »

A Week Off in Canada

We’ve been on a bit of a mini-vacation. Last Monday we crossed the US/Canadian Border near Pigeon River and haveView full post »

Andrew’s 8th Backpacking Birthday on the Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

Dear Andrew, I can’t believe you are 8! Time is flying so fast and I love that I get to spend so much time withView full post »

Sometimes We Just Need a Break

Full time travel burnout is real. Our life may look carefree and happy all the time, but behind the scenesView full post »

Downside to Full Time Travel is We Are ALWAYS Planning

Typical vacation planning goes something like this: you decide where you want to go, plan where you’ll stay, andView full post »

Strawberry Picking & I Run Our Bikes Into an Overhang

I honestly knew it would happen sooner or later. I’ve heard horror stories of friends forgetting they had bikesView full post »

Cara’s Dinosaur Birthday Party IN Dinosaur National Monument

Dear Cara, You bring adventure and light to our lives! You have a creative, silly personality and always find a way toView full post »

Using Campendium to Find Awesome Campsites & $50 Weekly Giveaway

We get a lot of questions about how to find our awesome campsites – whether they are boondocking, dry camping,View full post »

We Bought Airplane Tickets for This Fall!!

In a huge leap of faith, we bought airplane tickets from Chicago to Salt Lake City for this fall. While weView full post »

The Good and Bad of Spring Break

Spring break is a wonderful time for family adventure. I’ve watched the past few weeks as friends have takenView full post »

What Does Spring Break Look Like for Full Time Travelers?

When you travel full time, “spring break” or “vacation” can be a bit of an anomaly. Many peopleView full post »

Tiny House, Big Backyard Free Printable

We’ve had quite the week so far at Lost Dutchman State Park near Phoenix, AZ. Along with a new environment cameView full post »

Hundreds of days, and counting!

I began to wonder today how long we had been traveling. Our ‘getting started’ date is a little fuzzy due toView full post »

Day in the Life of a Full Time Traveling Family: State Park Edition

Recently, I did a “Day in the Life” series on my Instagram feed. It turned out to be quite popular so IView full post »

Attempting Some Sort of a Schedule

We are really fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants kind of people. While we generally have routines for our days, weView full post »

Merry Christmas from the Currently Wandering Crew!

We loved sending out our Christmas postcards this year, and had so much putting them together. We chose to print themView full post »

It Feels Good to Break a Sweat: My Newest Workout Routine

Trying to exercise with our unpredictable schedule has been one of the biggest challenges for me of our full timeView full post »

Shopping on Amazon This Year?

If you are anything like me, you’d rather spend your time browsing for the perfect rather thanView full post »

Christmas Activity Advent Calendar

Christmas is in full swing in the Curren Airstream! Thanksgiving felt like it went a little long, since weView full post »

Road Story – Garbage in Bend, OR

After we left Crater Lake, we headed to Bend. We wanted to visit a few things in the area and it was a good place toView full post »

Road Story: Emergency Rations, Rain, and… Raccoons!?!

We recently experienced a massive wandering failure. I pray that sharing it will somehow prevent something this awfulView full post »

It’s a Little Frosty This Halloween

I LOVE Halloween, and costumes, and decorations and all the fun exciting stuff that comes with little kids andView full post »

Getting a Little Homesick Over Halloween – Lincoln City, Oregon

About a month ago, we decided we needed to sit somewhere for at least a week. A few weeks of 2-3 day short stops wereView full post »

I’ll Never Look at Yogurt Pretzels the Same Way – Our Halloween Craft

One craft. That’s all I knew I could probably handle, so I picked one and didn’t stress about the gazillionView full post »

Favorite Halloween Children’s Books of 2014

To get excited for the Halloween season, we decided to pause our regular before bedtime story, and pull out someView full post »

How to Prepare For a Traveling Curren Visit

One of the things we love about traveling is spending time with friends & family we wouldn’t otherwise see.View full post »

Celebrating Rachel’s 9th Birthday – Portland, OR & Elbe, WA

Dear Rachel, You are turning in to quite the young lady! I’m so proud of you. As the oldest there’s kindView full post »

Malware and Pandemonium

Last week we had a malware attack on the blog, right during an out-of-signal stint at Mt. Rainier. The resultingView full post »

Celebrating Andrew’s 7th Birthday – Grants Pass, OR & Camp Dakota

August 24, 2014 Dear Andrew, You have turned 7 years old! I can’t believe it! Just yesterday I swear I wasView full post »

A Game of Tetris – Fitting Our Garage in the Truck

We use the bed of our truck as a garage: It has some tools, some chairs, a generator, bike helmets, our BBQ, and otherView full post »

Where Have You Wandered This Summer?

It’s Labor Day. The annual end-of-summer holiday. I can’t believe that soon we will be feeling the crispView full post »

A Full Time Traveler’s Definition of Vacation

Last week I was snuggling with Andrew in our hammock at Camp Noyo looking up at the swaying Redwood trees over head.View full post »

Wandering Wifi

During our first 6 month round of travel, I managed to keep connected with just a loose Verizon Hotspot, with serviceView full post »

One Year Ago, We Drove Away From Our House

It is difficult to place a single anniversary on our travels, as we grew into our adventures in stages. Over theView full post »

Published! My Article in Chic Magazine

I was recently asked to write an article for Chic Magazine about travel photography. Coming from a lifestyleView full post »


Four weeks ago, we arrived back at ‘home’ in Lehi, UT to sell our house and all of our stuff, as well as doView full post »

Long Drive Today and I Have a Headache

Today has been a bit of a crazy day. We are headed back to Utah, and drove from Napa, CA to Reno, NV over the SierraView full post »

We Randomly Decide To Go Camping – El Chorro Regional Park, San Louis Obispo

We don’t general consider traveling around in an Airstream to be “camping”. Camping involves a tent,View full post »

State Park vs. RV Campground: Deciding Where To Stay Once We Get There

Now that you know how we loosely decide where we are going, where do we stay once we get there? There are many optionsView full post »

How Do We Decide Where to Go?

How do we decide where we are going? I’m not going to lie, it is pretty random. We don’t have a method, orView full post »

Irregular Mail and Credit Card Trouble

We pulled into a gas station a few nights ago on our way home. On autopilot, I pulled out my wallet, and selected theView full post »

A Day In the Life: City Edition

One thing I love about being on the road and having our location constantly change, is that there is noView full post »

Staying in the City is Messing with My Brain

Its been a really hard week. We’ve been in a city at an RV Park, its been raining, and we’ve beenView full post »

Reader Appreciation & Giveaway!

All right! We have officially been on the road in the Airstream for 3 months and 15 days. We left Utah for our houseView full post »

Trapped by Potty Training

I’m so frustrated. Those that follow us on Instagram know that we are trying to finish off potty training withView full post »

Having Friends Over to Play

One of the things I think my kids & I both miss are play dates. The kind where the moms get to sit on the couch andView full post »

Proper Care and Feeding of a Work-From-Home, Self-Employed Husband

One of our most frequent questions is, “How do you spend so much time with your husband?” (ReplaceView full post »

  • noel radigan - Im currently planning on purchasing a23 or 25 airstream for full time living you are an inspiration
    Though I am single I cant decide which size would be better for full time with visiting relatives at times.
    thanks for any info you have on the subject
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