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Gear Reviews

We’ve partnered with quite a few companies to test out the best of the best outdoor adventure gear. Some of this gear was given to us, others we purchased. We never promote a piece of gear we don’t absolutely love, no matter how free it was.

Easy Camping Meals with Legacy Premium Food Storage

We haven’t done a whole lot of car camping in the last few years. Understandable as we have the Airstream andView full post »

Gear Review: Deuter Fox 30 Backpack for Kids

We started backpacking with our kids in 2015 with a fun 2 night, 3 day trip to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.View full post »

Teach Your Child to Shift with a Woom4

Its no secret we are fans of Woombikes. We were introduced to them in 2014 as Cara was ready to leave training wheelsView full post »

Gear Review: Taking the Airstream Basecamp to the Wedge Overlook

Its no secret we love our Airstream Travel trailer (see our reasons for choosing Airstream in this post).  3 years inView full post »

25 Gift Ideas for Adventurers, RVers, and Families

Its time for the holidays! While we are avid “no Christmas tree before Thanksgiving” kind of people, IView full post »

Gear Review: SHREDLY Women’s Mountain Bike Clothing

SHREDLY Clothing was born when founder Ashley Rankin wanted to spice up the world of women’s mountain bikingView full post »

Small Wardrobe Made Easy With Aventura Clothing

Having a small space for clothes has both its positive and negative sides. On the one hand, our closet for 5 has lessView full post »

Gear Review: Imagine Camping Fireside Forks

We don’t really “camp”. Its more like we have a house with wheels and a backyard that changes everyView full post »

Ultimate Summer Gear 10K Giveaway!

We are pretty stoked here at CurrentlyWandering to have reached over 10,000 followers on Instagram! I’m stillView full post »

Gear Review: Peak Design Field Pouch & Slide Lite Strap

An important part of our adventures is preserving memories of them. We have found that taking pictures and video of ourView full post »

Getting Flexible with our Wedding Rings

About a year ago, I lost my Titanium wedding ring in my dad’s shop when I took it off during an AirstreamView full post »

Wipe Out! Cleaning Up in the Boondocks

There are a few terms that get tossed around in the RV/camping world that are probably unfamiliar to most people.View full post »

Possibly the World’s Coolest Hammock Strap.

I’m a hammock guy. We added an ENO hammock to our gear collection long ago, and it comes out whenever we get theView full post »

Gear Review: Testing Out Kid’s Chaco Sandals

Sam and I have been Chaco Sandal owners since a few months after we were married almost twelve years ago. I lovedView full post »

Aventura Spring Clothing Line – Modest & Comfortable

For those of you that have seen the inside of our Airstream closet, you know we don’t have much room. Its notView full post »

Backpacking with Kids: The Gear List

Last Thanksgiving we went backpacking in Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park in Georgia. Andrew is working on his WolfView full post »

The Currently Wandering Holiday Gift Guide

We seriously own 90% of this gear, and the other 10% we would own if we could fit it in our Airstream (ahem! VacilandoView full post »

Gear Review: Trekking the National Parks Board Game

We recently stumbled across a new board game at the Sleeping Bear Dunes Visitor Center in Michigan. I always make it aView full post »

Gear Review: MindShift 180 Bag Rigged as a Backcountry Backpack

While we would have loved to receive this item for free to review, we actually spent money to purchase it. This postView full post »

Gear Review: Sawyer Mini – Cheap and Easy Water Filter for Backpacking or Emergencies

While we would have loved to receive this item for free to review, we actually spent money to purchase it. This postView full post »

Gear Review: 6 Reasons WOOM Is the Best Kid’s Bike Out There

We knew Cara was in the market for a new bike, but we kept putting it off. With how much we ride bikes (including theView full post »

Gear Review: Which Bikes Are We Using on Our Adventures?

During our first 6 months of travel we had grand plans for road riding. We both had really great (and expensive) roadView full post »

Gear Review: Samsung NX300 Camera + 20mm f/2.8 Pancake Lens

Some people are surprised to find that we have a smaller “point and shoot” type camera in addition to ourView full post »

Gear Review: Bike Racks for 5 on a Dodge Ram 1500

We started this journey over a year ago with our bikes on a rack attached to the back of our mini van. Biking is oneView full post »

Gear Review: Ride-aLong Bike

We love to get out on family bike rides, and with a young child that can be slightly frustrating. She often wants toView full post »

Walkie Talkies – Adventure Magic for Kids

Nearly every outdoor outing can be made more fun with the addition of some walkie-talkies. We have had a few for years,View full post »

Best Seat on the Trail

For the past 7 years, most family hikes involved the littlest child riding in a kid backpack. We once hiked a 9 mile,View full post »