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Since November of 2013, we’ve traveled 40 thousand miles with our Airstream home, visiting over 350 places along the way. It has been amazing. This year, we are going to continue our adventures in slightly different ways. We are going to do some significant repair and renovation to the Airstream, try our hand at running […]

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After we left Big Bend Texas, we didn’t have solid plans. We knew we only wanted to drive about 3 hours, needed better signal for work, laundry would be a plus, and we needed groceries. Sam found Monahans Sandhill State Park which seemed to fit the bill so off we went! We were lucky enough to […]

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  • Mike Grace - Glad you guys got to experience Torchy’s while you were in Texas. I enjoyed that while we were in Austin.ReplyCancel

When researching Big Bend National Park, we picked out a few things that were on our “must-do” list, and a few for the “would be great if we had time” list. Canoeing Santa Elena Canyon was at the top of the “must-do” list for sure! We’d seen some friends do a boomerang trip where you […]

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I’m starting to see signs of summer plans popping up all over social media. The snow photos are decreasing and people are looking forward to sunshine and warm weather. We are excited for our summer plans too! This year will be different for us, but so far we have a month scheduled through Glacier, Waterton, […]

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  • Mechel Wall - Farming keeps us close to home so I especially enjoy hearing about your “rootless” life!ReplyCancel

Big Bend National Park has been on our “must see” list for quite sometime. Unfortunately, Big Bend is on the way to exactly nowhere and we hadn’t been able to carve out the time to get down there before now. The park sits on the border of Mexico and Texas where the Rio Grande takes […]

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People seem surprised that we have kept our Costco membership even while living in such a tiny space. Either we are crazy, or there is more to Costco items than large, bulk purchases. I prefer the latter explanation. Truth is, we are probably addicted to some of the items they carry, and even though the […]

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  • Malinda - Hi Jess. Love your blog!
    I was at target yesterday and saw nick and Nora Jammie’s for women with air streams and pink flamingos on them. Thought of you. Check them out.
    Safe travels.ReplyCancel

    • Jess - Thanks Malinda! I’ll have to look for them!ReplyCancel

  • Kyle - Your shopping list looks A LOT like ours! With the exception of diapers of course…(we have a two month old and Costco diapers are a great deal. Encouraging to read how much you can still fit in the airstream! I So agree about the Coastal cheddar! I’ve been known to make a trip for ONLY that cheese when we’ve run out. LOL This helped a lot! Thank you! xxReplyCancel

    • Jess - You are welcome! SO glad we are done with diapers. Too many years of buying those at Costco!ReplyCancel

      • Kyle - I bet! So expensive. someday…..hubs wants one more I worry we won’t fit in the airstream ReplyCancel

  • Monahans Sandhill State Park & Lubbock, TX » Currently Wandering - […] We spent 5 days at the KOA and accomplished A LOT of logistics while we were there, including a stop at Costco where we were able to get our hands on a Costco magazine with our faces on the cover! […]ReplyCancel

  • Mary Loseke - I envy you! Retiring in a year after 35 years teaching. Want to take a long trip around the US in our 1996 Terry trailer!ReplyCancel

To date our kids have earned 112 Junior Ranger badges at the various National Park, National Historic Sites, and Monuments run by the National Park Service. Its a great way to learn more about the parks we visit, often giving us direction and more information about the wildlife, geology and history (see our list of badges). […]

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  • Heather - Thanks so much for the link! I LOVE your info here–you’ve provided great deals. I’m excited to check out that secret service one as we head up the east coast this year. Seeing your collection of badges really got my kids excited!ReplyCancel