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Selling Our Stuff

In order to travel full time we had to sell the house and almost everything in it. While it was painful (emotionally, mentally, and logistically) there’s freedom in not being tied down to stuff.

Storage: What We kept and What We Shouldn’t Have

When we sold our house in Lehi, Utah 6 months into our travels, we got rid of mostly everything. What we kept wasView full post »

Wandering Video Update: The Storage Unit & How We Keep Track of the Stuff We Kept

We already had a great storage system in place before we started this whole downsizing thing, so I just kept theView full post »

Getting Rid of Our Stuff and {Our House Cooling Party}

You just can’t take it all with you. Part of the process of getting ready to live on the road full time in ourView full post »

What is Left After Downsizing from 2500 Sq Feet to 180 – Our 10×5 Storage Unit

Downsizing is such a simple word isn’t it? Maybe not. Maybe just in my imagination. When we decided to sell theView full post »

We No Longer Live In a House?

We did it. We are out! We still can’t believe everything came together so perfectly. Other than the fact that weView full post »

Wandering Update: Getting Rid Of Our Stuff

As you can imagine things have been a bit crazy around here. We have been working like crazy people trying to sell theView full post »

Top 10 Reasons Its All Worth It

We closed on the selling of our house last month and then promptly wrote out a rent check so we could stay and finishView full post »

The {First} Yard Sale

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your kind words and prayers! We survived our first garage sale last SaturdayView full post »

100% Honesty – I’m Not Doing So Great

Today I am an emotional mess. Only, it probably didn’t start today, it probably started the second we pulled upView full post »

Trying to Keep Balanced and Failing Miserably

I swore we’d be better this time around. We’d keep exploring, we’d keep traveling, we wouldn’tView full post »


Imagine running into your ex-boyfriend, while on a date with your husband. Awkward, right? That kind of happened toView full post »

A Fresh Start

Weeks ago while attending church with a friend, there was a table outside the Relief Society room (women’sView full post »

To Sell, or Not to Sell? What to Do With the House?

Traveling so far we have run into so many families that have sold everything for their life on the road. Whether outView full post »