In one of my church meetings this past Sunday (Elders Quorum, for Mormon readers), everyone in the room introduced themselves by name and answered a question to help us get to know everybody. Last Sunday in the same group, they asked everybody what their favorite meal was. This time, we all shared our favorite alternative […]

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We knew Cara was in the market for a new bike, but we kept putting it off. With how much we ride bikes (including the crazy mountain biking she’s done on her strider- see our YouTube video here), we also knew that a cheap bike from Wal-Mart was just not going to cut it. Since […]

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  • Nate - I bet the resell value would be good on these too after your little one is done with it. Walmart bikes are dangerous and worth almost nothing after the first month of riding them.ReplyCancel

  • Nathan Legakis - Woom!ReplyCancel

  • Meg - Lucky Cara! The bike looks great!ReplyCancel

  • Caleb - Excellent review. I never knew that about the coaster break. My 2 year old loves her scoot bike. I can’t wait till she starts a pedal bike. This one looks awesome.ReplyCancel

  • Janet Van Note - How old/ how tall is she? (Such a nice blue color for a little girl!)ReplyCancel

With the solar mounted on top (part 1, part 2) and the wires run to the forward compartment (part 3), there was only one thing left to do. The next step in my project was to connect it all up! Underneath Cara’s bed is the wiring panel where the battery is connected to the rest of […]

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  • Dave - Alright! Now I know that I can do this myself. Nice series of articles. Really liked the pictures.

    I do have a portable 200w fold out that I charge with and a know that the angle of the panels and the declination makes a big difference as well, but we can’t keep moving our Airstream around to follow the sun. Do you believe you will ever add the tilt up brackets? I know Rich Luhr and he just has 2 panels (flat mounted) on his 31 footer and has never had to use a generator (or carry one). So, it is a detail and I’m not sure that I’ll consider it either. We are not big consumers of Amp hour.

    Actually, our Zamp Solar 200w fold out charges our two stock 27 batteries up after a night of use. I know I’ll go over-kill on as many panels as I can fit on our 2015 27ft Serenity… so I’ll probably just run with them flat. Not even sure how I’d tilt them as we don’t carry a ladder.

    Great article. Please f/u with an article on how the user interface works in real life, the amount of Ah you collect, your storage capacity as you use it with your particular habits, what you might have done differently or options for others, etc…

    Thanks for spending the time reporting,


Dear Cara, You bring adventure and light to our lives! You have a creative, silly personality and always find a way to make us laugh. At the same time it can also be completely frustrating, but that’s just part of growing up! We are finally past potty-training (hallelujah), and are now working on your reading […]

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  • Celeste Orr - I love this one! Such great pics too! We’re going to be celebrating our first kid birthdays on the road without family and old friends this year, and I have to admit I’m a little nervous about it because I want the day to be so special for my little ones. Your post has made me feel better for sure!ReplyCancel

Sam likes to joke that he never forces me to choose between him and anything pumpkin. I’d like to think my obvious like for the winter squash is not THAT extreme, but I do love the taste. When I found this recipe for healthy, guilt free pumpkin pancakes I immediately put it to good use. […]

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We did a semi-unintentional Native American Unit Study this winter as we wandered around Arizona & Southern Colorado. This area is full of history, artifacts and culture and we enjoyed all of it! We hit the first one on our own after leaving Phoenix, then we had Sam’s dad join us for the two near […]

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  • Danielle - This is a great list! We did 5&6 a couple of years ago and really enjoyed them! The ball pit was pretty awesome!ReplyCancel

We had heard from fellow travelers that Lost Dutchman State Park was pretty amazing, so when we swung through Phoenix last winter we decided to give it a try. Not really knowing the layout of the park beforehand, we managed to snag a pretty sweet spot with an epic view of the Superstition Mountains. When […]

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