When we were on Whidbey Island, we visited Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve. When We Visited: October 7, 2014 Ages of Kids: 9, 7, 4 Where We Stayed: Fort Ebey State Park We first picked up our Jr. Ranger Books from the nice ladies at the Trust Board Office near the cemetery. After we looked […]

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This week was pretty special! It marks the first time that Sam and I have been separated since we started this crazy journey one year ago! After spending Saturday exploring Captain Jack’s Stronghold in the Lava Beds National Monument, we journeyed north to one of our favorite campgrounds near Medford. I stayed with the kids […]

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We’ve found a new favorite recipe!  I’m not the most organized chef in the kitchen (and I’m pretty lazy about following directions), but I do love trying new recipes. Especially when they involve bread, cookies, or any other treats. With the coconut oil, applesauce, and Greek Yogurt I almost feel like this bread is bordering […]

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We recently experienced a massive wandering failure. I pray that sharing it will somehow prevent something this awful from ever happening again. It had been raining for the last week or two, and we had a clear, sunny day. I decided it was a perfect time to dry out (and clean out) the back of […]

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  • Christie Scott - Oh my gosh. Brian’s mouth was hanging open as I read this to him. Yikes!!!! We feel for you. Glad it all turned out ok.ReplyCancel

  • Michael Grace - Oh wow! You guys do a great job handling these bumps in the road. Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Mellissa - Oh. My. Gosh. What a total nightmare! Thank you for sharing this! I hope it helps prevent this for others!!! AH!ReplyCancel

  • Gail Wasden - Two weeks ago, I went out in in our garage in the morning and discovered that there were a number of things that weren’t where they were supposed to be. Some things had fallen down and were spread out in a funny way. I put things back and looked around but couldn’t discover what the cause might have been. This happened the next day and the next with pretty much the same stuff. But David also noticed that a partial roll of chicken wire that had been in the rafters overhead had fallen down on the garage floor, and when I went to investigate, I pointed out that it had fallen on the front bumper of his prize Porsche, which now had a patch of cross-hatch scratches about a foot wide and 8 inches high. So that night, I came out into the garage when it was dark and with only a flashlight and I discover a medium sized possum scrounging around. Needless to say he/she isn’t around anymore and we are careful to keep the car covered! As I think you found out, you can’t be too careful and you have to make sure everything is secured!ReplyCancel

  • Christie Scott - So I have a few questions and I am wondering if you could email me when you have time!! I am wondering how you got facebook so intergrated into your blog that you can even post through facebook on it? I am loving that. Your blog is so beautifully done in general and I would love some pointers. Also tomorrow we are heading southlike and will be really close to where you guys are for a couple days, would LOVE to meet up if you guys are able?! I am at spotthescotts@gmail.com :)ReplyCancel

You guys. I did it! I stayed in my budget. Hallelujah. Okay, okay. We went a little over on groceries, but *overall* we were $37.56 in the black. Whew. Just made that. I’ll detail a post later on about how I budget in general (because that’s not really Airstream life specific) but just know that these […]

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I LOVE Halloween, and costumes, and decorations and all the fun exciting stuff that comes with little kids and Halloween. We figure it won’t last forever, they’ll eventually grow out of “cute” and be more into “scary” so I’m going to enjoy it while we can! I have an entire post dedicated to how we […]

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  • Mellissa - Adorable!!!! I love the pictures so much! I think my favorite is the one with some of the kids running around, and then Queen Elsa looking very much like a total perfect princess! LOVE! Happy Halloween!ReplyCancel

We’ve been excited to visit Mt. Rainier National Park as such an iconic volcano definitely needed a wander. Unfortunately, the perfect storm of off-season, incomplete planning, and, well, RAIN, landed us in a possibly less than ideal situation. When We Visited: September 23-24, 2014 Ages of Kids: 9, 7, 4 Where We Stayed: Ohanapecosh Campground […]

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  • Brad & Joan Anderson - We live in Grants Pass, OR in the winter & Island Park, ID in the summer. We are fellow Airstreamers & have been following your posts with delight. You’re teaching us useful things. If you get down this way on your way to CA & AZ perhaps we can meet. You’d have lots to teach us.

    Brad & Joan Anderson
    Grants Pass, OR

    P.S. we’re just a couple miles off of I-5
    We have a 25’FB 2011 Flying Cloud.ReplyCancel

During our stay in Portland, we wandered into the Columbia River Gorge for an afternoon. Perhaps the best known stop there is Multnomah Falls, at a height of 620 feet. The falls are beautiful, but honestly, we felt a little claustrophobic. Prior to arriving in Portland, we had visited Silver Falls State Park, and hiked to […]

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Last Week, we rented the gear for crabbing and spent two hours on the water in Nehalem Bay on the Oregon Coast. I have plenty I could say and details to share, but for now, enjoy a Wandering Update from our YouTube Channel. We should follow up with details at some point, but for now, […]

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  • Brett - The video says “This video is private” when I try and play it.ReplyCancel

  • Brett - Yup that did it. Great video, I had no idea you could go out and do that. Oregon is on our to do list and we will have to remember this.

    Best quote “that is sooo good!”ReplyCancel

    • Jess - Brett- glad we can inspire! lol! The Oregon Coast is so beautiful! Definitely hit it before the rainy season though. We are so tired of being wet!ReplyCancel

  • Hayley - This is so fantastic! Was it very cold?ReplyCancel

    • Jess - No! We actually had a warm(ish), not rainy day. It was awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Leigh - Crabbing is so much fun! I’m glad you guys got to do it!ReplyCancel

    • Jess - Me too! Now that our kids got the hang of it, I think there would be less screaming from the girls. :)ReplyCancel