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Now that Thanksgiving is over we get to celebrate Christmas!! I love this time of year, and amid all the presents, the lights and everything else we try to concentrate on spending time together as a family. While we are big on experiences (not presents) for Christmas and birthdays we do have our favorite gear to […]

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Travel Dates: November 3-22, 2015 Getting back to the Airstream felt great! After two weeks with family in Utah, we were excited to have our own, tiny space back. In addition to checking to make sure the repairs went well (which took a few hours and some extra brake adjustments) we wanted to take a […]

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  • Elizabeth Clayton Marks - Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving.ReplyCancel

During our recent trip to Utah we had a surprising conversation with my family when I mentioned I was past ready to go on a hike but my kids weren’t going to like it. “They aren’t going to like it?” my dad asked. “Oh no,” I said. “They are going to whine and complain.” I […]

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  • Kerri - I can SO relate! We did a big 24-day cross-country road trip with our travel trailer to see several national parks this summer, and I posted lots of pictures of our children having amazing adventures. But, if you ask my younger son about the trip, he’ll tell you straight up he would have rather stayed home all summer. Even though he says that, I know he doesn’t mean it.ReplyCancel

  • Janssen - That photo is amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - I just went on a hike yesterday with two whiners 😉 my two oldest do amazing now and very rarely whine but two middles are still learning to be tough. My boys used to while so much though. It was like nails on a chalkboard…ReplyCancel

We recently stumbled across a new board game at the Sleeping Bear Dunes Visitor Center in Michigan. I always make it a point to browse the gift shop as we’ve found some great books, games, and other educational items, so this time I was just doing the rounds. I spotted Trekking the National Parks board game and had […]

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  • Jenn Hallberg - This looks like such a lovely game. I’m excited for the giveaway! Btw, I love reading all about your family. You guys are so inspiring:)ReplyCancel

  • Carola Martinez - It’s $75 on Amazon!!! Wow. A little pricey for a board game.ReplyCancel

“Just get out the door. Just get out the door,” I chant to myself as things start to look bleak for our afternoon adventure. In a perfect world, our kids jump up, excited to get out the door and explore. The reality, however, usually consists of a whole lot of whining. “I don’t want to […]

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  • Mara@thefullnelsonexperience - Wow! You said it spot on! Although we’ve never traveled full-time, the way you described it is exactly what life is like in suburbia with kids. Even with a healthy and active lifestyle, sometimes you just get so wrapped up in feeling the need to get things done because in reality there is always so much to get done (the unfortunate, sad part of having too much stuff).ReplyCancel

  • Crissa - What a great post. I understand what you mean about suburbia just kinda sucking you in. That’s how we felt this past summer being stationary. It was all we could do to get outdoors to do anything.

    I love Rachel’s words to you!ReplyCancel

  • Meghan Caldwell - So true! It is so easy to get caught up and not get outside and playing. Thanks for the extra motivation :)ReplyCancel

  • Jen N Daniel - I completely agree! And similarly, I say to people about homeschooling.. “Hey, I took the easy way out. Now I don’t have to deal with teachers, school districts, or deadlines.” Cheaters! 😉ReplyCancel

  • Kate @thestreamlinedlife - Such an honest and good post, Jess. And I completely understand what you’re saying here. We struggle with the same things, and I find it hard to keep up with all the household stuff, let alone getting out and exploring. The few short trips we’ve taken with the Casita has shown me the alternative, and I crave that. It may be “cheating” like you said, but it’s so totally worth it!

    Hope your return to Chicago and getting back on the road goes smoothly!


  • Meg - Surbia is tough. It is so easy to over schedule and spread out in the big houses. This post is a great reminder that the lawn can wait, tonight we must get outside as a family!ReplyCancel

  • Indiana Dunes, Chicago, & 2.5 Whirlwind Weeks in Suburbia » Currently Wandering - […] going CRAZY. We had been in Utah for over a week and had not made it into the mountains once. In a recent blog post I wrote that I don’t trust myself in Suburbia and that living on the road was actually a […]ReplyCancel

  • The Truth About Our Outdoor, Adventure-Focused Family » Currently Wandering - […] admitted in a past blog post that we are cheaters. Suburbia IS hard to get away from. Outdoor sports are less conveniently […]ReplyCancel