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The Polynesian Cultural Center is one of Hawaii’s top attractions located on the North Shore in Laie next to the Brigham Young University Hawaii campus. We were able to visit a few different times – once with my parents in September, and then again briefly with our friends who came in October. Sam also had […]

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  • Christina - I love, love, love that place! I spent a summer working at the night show and many, many Saturdays wandering around the islands. I can’t wait to take my children there someday!ReplyCancel

A few weeks ago I gave a talk in our local church meeting about gratitude. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on the principle a bit more and am realizing that too often I am expressing the negative instead of the positive about our current situation. Change is hard. We lovingly say that […]

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  • Leanne - I feel much the same way about my year as you have about yours. I have been trying to do a gratitude journal too, but quite unsuccessfully!! You inspire me to do it better!ReplyCancel

We’ve had so many people comment on how we are living in paradise, or they are so jealous we get to live here for four months. Hawaii has this (deserved) reputation for beautiful beaches, palm trees, killer waves, and amazing food. While Hawaii is definitely all that and more, day to day life is quite […]

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  • Christina - Oh so many memories!! I spent 3 years at BYU-H and by the end, I was so in need of time off of the island. 10 years later though all I want to do is go back so I totally understand.ReplyCancel

We’ve happily been minimalists for the last four years. After the great purge of 2014 and hitting the road, less stuff was liberating. We enjoyed less overall consumerism and prioritizing experiences over things. We still own stuff, its just that most of our purchases are deliberate and items tend to serve at least three purposes […]

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  • Crissa - Loved this post. Moving from the 5th wheel to the Class B was a challenge. I had all the things I thought I needed in the 5th wheel. But, the downsizing forced me to keep what was really needed and defined us.

    Praying that you are able to find comfort in your Hawaiian experience.ReplyCancel

  • Andrea Elkins - Great post! I spent 2 weeks in Hawaii back in y2000, and did NOT want to return home (‘course, I never wanted to go home from a vacation…) exactly because of the laid-back vibe you describe. Hair in a ponytail, shorts & flipflops, out the door. I’m enjoying your Instagram pics, too. Aloha!ReplyCancel

After our busy spring schedule, I made the conscious decision to not blog over the summer and it was such a relief! We’ve had a fabulous couple of months back in the Airstream and thoroughly enjoyed spending quite a bit of time with family and friends as we’ve explored.  At some point, I hope to […]

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When we sold our house in Lehi, Utah 6 months into our travels, we got rid of mostly everything. What we kept was stored in a 5ft by 10ft storage unit and we have added a few things from our travels over time. We recently emptied it out on our way to set up a condo […]

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  • David Fischer - Pictures can be digitized rather than simply thrown away.ReplyCancel

    • Jess - Absolutely! In this case they are all prints of photos we own digitally.ReplyCancel

  • Kerry Quinn - After a full career in the Marines – moved 19 times in 20 years – our family learned to pack light, live for the adventure, buy less and give more. Your post is great advice and hope others can learn from your lessons on the road. See you somewhere in America!ReplyCancel