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  My husband, Sam, and I completed our first backpacking trip together in New Zealand’s rugged mountains four months after we were married. Actually, it was my first backpacking trip ever. While he grew up with parents who frequently went into the back country, we were more front country, car camping kind of people. Despite […]

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Las Cienegas has been on our visit list since the WanderingWatsons visited two years ago. Once we managed to pull ourselves away from the mountain biking haven at McDowell Mountain, we drove straight to this boondocking site southeast of Tucson, AZ. Loaded up with extra water, groceries, and not very many plans we were set […]

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  • Debra Bergmark - Yep I agree that AZ has some amazing sunsets. We lived in Vail (Tucson suburb) for 2 1/2 yrs before deciding to hit the road full time. Our big backyard faced a mountain & it was beautiful, but I was ready to hit the road.ReplyCancel

There are many perks to the traveling lifestyle, but there are also a lot of activities and hobbies we have put on hold. When we were selling the house and most of our stuff, I looked longingly at the guitar I had bought 6 months previously. I had every intention of learning to play, but […]

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  • Lani - This looks like an awesome product. I’d love to be able to play an instrument but haven’t yet learned. We have a piano and guitar at home and my kids love to “play” music. This seems like a great product on which all of us could learn a few songs and basics. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Holly Boland - Oh this is so neat. I’ve never seen a JamStik before. This would be great for my kids. They have been learning piano and just recently expressed an interest in the guitar. They listen to music and sing all the time. Thanks for the chance!ReplyCancel

  • Christopher Sorel - Could start a band with my daughter that plays clarinet and son saxophone. Used to play guitar but it brokeReplyCancel

  • Kristen Privett - This is SO great! My husband said he’s always wanted to learn to play guitar. My sons would love it too. Both my husband and I weren’t brought up with musical instruments, but we would like to change that with our boys. We do listen to different varieties of music daily. Thanks for the contest!ReplyCancel

  • Michele Reyes - Mike from Ditching Suburbia mentioned you today and this post on the jamstick. This looks so cool. My husband has been learning guitar and I’d like to join him.ReplyCancel

I sat outside on my yoga mat with my eyes closed and just breathed. It was cold outside in south eastern Arizona, but the sun warmed my upturned face. The kids were off in the grasslands playing in their “fort” and I could hear them laughing in the distance. For a moment I was content to […]

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  • Shannon Bassett - Hi Jess – loved this! I can identify. As the first full time family we met almost 2 years ago at that special site in Sedona over Easter weekend, I was so impressed by your kids. You may not feel you are always the best — but even way back when you were killing it! Your family and especially your kids, set the bar high. Accepting, interesting, outgoing, friendly, talkative, nice – all amazing traits for anyone and impressive of such little people.
    Keep up the good work, keep saying no and enjoy the moment. Hope to cross paths with you soon.ReplyCancel

    • Jess - Thanks Shannon! You are so sweet. We’d love to share a campfire again with you guys anytime!ReplyCancel

  • Te - Wonderful 🙂 Big hug!


McDowell Mountain Regional Park as been on my “visit list” for at least 2 years. We even had reservations here two years ago, but it was too late in the spring and we cancelled in favor of higher elevation to escape the heat. When we decided to spend winter 2017 in Arizona again, McDowell Mountain climbed […]

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  • Danielle - Looks amazing! Now i want to go to the desert!ReplyCancel

  • Mountain Biking at McDowell Mountain State Park, Arizona - […] post Mountain Biking at McDowell Mountain State Park, Arizona appeared first on Currently […]ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Watson - I love this park! We had just started mtn, biking when we visited several years ago and I fell in love with the trail system. Planning to go back next winter and use your trail suggestions as a guide. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Jess - Thanks Amanda! These are definitely great trails for beginners. Such good exercise. I’m missing it already!ReplyCancel

  • Caroline - I live in Tucson and have been wanting to get up to Phx to ride some of their mtb parks. With so many trails and camping this one looks like the place to start. Thanks for the suggestions and great write up!ReplyCancel

  • Our Boondocking, Nomad Neighborhood in Las Cienegas NCA » Currently Wandering - […] since the WanderingWatsons visited two years ago. Once we managed to pull ourselves away from the mountain biking haven at McDowell Mountain, we drove straight to this boondocking site southeast of Tucson, AZ. Loaded up with extra water, […]ReplyCancel

We recently had the opportunity to interview with Airstream for a new campaign they are rolling out in 2017. As they were coming to do a video interview and then a photo shoot, we decided a thorough clean was in order. Its amazing that we can deep clean our entire house in just a few hours. […]

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  • Danielle - Love it! Your magnet collection is so great! So fun!ReplyCancel

    • Jess - Thanks!! Its the one thing we collect. Eventually I want to turn them into Christmas tree ornaments.ReplyCancel

  • Mara - Love your home! And I’m envious that you can clean your entire home in less than two hours. There’s more to life than cleaning. I love the map hanging above your children’s bed. Where did you find it?ReplyCancel

  • Bob Pavlechko - Just glad they didn’t ask to look in the closet. We put all that stuff into itReplyCancel

    • Jess - Our closets are pretty packed too. hahaha Good thing we kept all of that closed off.ReplyCancel

  • Krista - Your airstream is beautiful!! I love the kids room so much!! Congrats on your airstream interview too! That’s so cool!ReplyCancel

  • Ashton Largen - Love this! You guys have truly made this place home. It looks so cozy. Happy travels!ReplyCancel

If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you’ve probably realized we move fairly frequently. We aren’t the type of travelers to sit in place for weeks on end, but are fueled by getting out and discovering new places. It’s exhausting. One of our goals this winter was to find free boondocking spots in […]

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  • Douglas Trout - I understand your thought process Jess and I suffer from a similar affliction. Call it being restless, having extreme wanderlust or simply sky high expectations, it can distract from the moment. I suspect that feeling would persist whether you are traveling or not. I am that way about travel and at home. I want my kids to be in the best programs, the best schools and now that we are looking at colleges, I want the absolute best for my kids. In the end, I suspect everyone does but it is funny how we put pressure on ourselves to keep up some high standards. Social media probably feeds that but for every epic picture posted, there is a flat tire, sick kid or some other calamity that you do not see. The best advice I have is to enjoy your time together because it is truly precious. The Trout family wishes you safe travels and greater contentment moving forward. We hope to see you soon in some epic location;). Or perhaps we could meet up somewhere perfectly ordinary and that would be fine too. Give my best to your family.ReplyCancel

    • Jess - Thanks Doug!! I think you are right – my struggles are not just related to traveling. Kind of affects everything! We hope to see you guys too. Let us know when and where you are headed out!ReplyCancel

Snow Canyon State Park is one of those hidden gems. Although it’s relatively close to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, this place is a worthy destination by itself. Plenty of rock scrambling, lava tubes, sand dunes, hiking, and gorgeous landscapes to keep anyone busy for days. We were here back in 2014 (although we had […]

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  • 2017 Travel Plans | Our Streamlined Life - […] during all our western adventures. Obviously, the big five national parks are calling our name, and Currently Wandering’s recent post has me totally drooling to visit Snow Canyon State Park, too. I have the feeling Utah is going to […]ReplyCancel