During our stay in Moab, Utah, we were camped only 1,500 feet from the start of the Slickrock Trail. This particular trail is unique, with nearly the entire trail travels across the sandstone rock that makes up the landscape. The trail itself is grueling and difficult, but also includes a practice loop of much more […]

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During our first 6 months of travel we had grand plans for road riding. We both had really great (and expensive) road bikes as we had been riding centuries (Sam more than me) and were accustomed to training for and riding longer distances.  We dreamed that even on long driving days, one of us could get […]

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  • The Scenic Route - Great post on your bikes. We’re not so serious about our biking but made an investment in decent bikes. We found out the hard way recently that we were not insured in all situations. Turns out our bikes were only covered by the insurance provider when they were inside our trailer (!?!) or outside in a reserved campground only. Forget boondocking, mounted on the back of the truck or parked anywhere else for that matter. We found out the hard way. I’m sure you guys have researched it well. Others be warned to really examine the small print of your policy to be sure.ReplyCancel

One of our greatest adventures to date was our during our visit to the Oregon Coast fall of 2014. We had heard great things about Kelly’s Brighton Marina and drove down one afternoon to check it out. Unfortunately, it was raining, the tide was high, and the awesome employee suggested we come back the next […]

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  • Tami - What a fantastic adventure! I would have never thought to do such a thing. I’d love to explore the Pacific NW with my family, and this just went on my list.

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It’s no secret I’m obsessed with cactus, and turns out that obsession extends to the whole of the Sonoran Desert. I love how all the animals & plants have special adaptations to survive, and despite the original hostile seeming environment, the Sonoran desert is actually green & beautiful! This year, we even timed our travels […]

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  • Meg - The coyote who swallowed a fly is a favorite at our house… BURP!ReplyCancel

Yesterday was a great day, and I’ve been thinking last night and this morning about why it was so great. We spent the morning at the local library, reading books and playing toys in their awesome children’s section. The librarian on duty was incredible useful, chatty, and friendly! She even let us check out books […]

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  • Ditching Suburbia - We’re headed back to our summer spot in a Michigan town of 4K people. Once I (Mike) got over the idea of being in the same place for another 5 months some of the small-town community aspects are appealing.ReplyCancel

  • Kate @thestreamlinedlife - Thanks for sharing this, Jess. I grew up in a small town myself, and we are in the process of selling our house in OKC to move cross-country to a town (pop: 13k) right by Lake Michigan. It’s going to be completely different, but like you, I love the idea of being active in a small town and really knowing my neighbors. My hope is to land walking distance to the library and the quaint downtown that has an old-fashioned ice cream shop. :) Plus it’s just so nice for kids to grow up in the relative safety net of a small town. We’re hopeful to have the best of both worlds: traveling often, but small town roots. You guys are such an inspiration to us!


    • Jess - You are welcome! I’ve heard nothing but goo things about Michigan…. at least in the summer. :) Best of luck!ReplyCancel