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7 New Books Should Keep Them Occupied For At Least a Week, Right?

While we would have loved to received free stuff to review, we actually spent money to purchase both our Kindles and the books. However, this post does contain Amazon affiliate links which help to fund the blog in a small, small way. Thanks for helping us out!

IMG_7752-Edit copyMy kids are avid readers. I love this about them, but keeping up with their reading habits is almost a full time job by itself. For the last few days all I’ve heard coming from the back bedroom is, “Mom! I don’t have anything to read.” This is a serious problem around here.

Rachel and Andrew will squirrel themselves away for hours with a good book, which is great for me getting alone time to be, uhh… productive. This often leaves Cara to fend for herself as far as playmates go, but she doesn’t mind. The girl loves Lego’s like her two siblings love books, and she’s still in that imaginative stage where a hair elastic and a bobby pin is a magical creature in need of her protection. These particular attributes of my children have taught me that keeping them supplied with good books is in my best interest.

IMG_7749-Edit copy

Due to the overwhelming lack of acceptable reading material in our house, I sat down at the computer yesterday to find new books. Most of our reading material comes from our hometown library’s digital OverDrive lending system. As soon as we changed our legal address to Sandy, Utah we went to the library and got a card and asked how to get on their online digital system. We only got ONE card however, and I’m learning that was a huge mistake. We all need one. Including Cara and Sam who most likely won’t ever use it on their own. We are always maxing out the 5 item hold limit on my card, but plan to remedy that situation with our upcoming Utah trip.

We also just recently finished the last book in the Peter and Starcatcher’s adventure series and are in need of a new audio book for the car. I figured I’d knock out two birds with one stone and solve both our problems in on sitting.

It took at least an hour and a half.

In the end, I found seven (SEVEN) new books to load onto our two Kindle Paperwhites, two new audio books for us to try as a family, and although I really tried not to, I ended up purchasing Jim Dale’s narration of Peter Pan on Amazon  (because, honestly, Jim Dale is quite possibly the best narrator ever) using my nifty trick of buying the Kindle version first and then adding the audio.

The kids shrieked with excitement when I told them what I’d found, and after a frustrating 20 minutes for Andrew in which the books didn’t download, he took the Kindle off airplane mode and proceeded to get lost in The Magician’s Elephant. So far, so good, but we’ll see how long it takes before I hear “Mom, I don’t have anything to read” again.

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