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Visiting Lincoln’s Birthplace in Kentucky

Visiting Lincoln’s Birthplace helped me feel reverent and inspired knowing that such a great man had a humble beginning and relied on God.  

When we arrived at Lincoln’s Birthplace we first went to the Visitor Center and got our  Jr. Ranger Books. Then we went to see the video about the history of the park. It talked about Lincoln’s childhood, how their family worked, and life on the farm. Afterward we went to see the exhibits inside the Visitor Center.  There was a recreation of the inside of Abraham’s old childhood cabin, and next to the recreation was a display of tools we needed for an activity in  our Jr. Ranger books.  

After the exhibits we went outside to the Memorial. It looked surprisingly similar to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. We climbed the 56 steps representing Lincoln’s 56 years of life, and went into the memorial. In the memorial there was a recreation of Lincoln’s old childhood cabin, it was bare but it still was cool seeing a really old cabin that president Lincoln grew up in. I also liked the roses on the ceiling.


Next, we went outside and walked to Sinking Spring which is a spring that never goes dry. It was the source of water for the Lincoln family during the winter months. The sun was shining and felt warm so we sat down for a while and enjoyed the sunshine.

Last we went inside and turned in our Junior Ranger books and got the badge. It was our first metal badge!


Being at Lincoln’s Birth place made me feel happy that Lincoln was such a great president and reverent that he called upon God when he was at a time of need. That is what I like about about Abraham Lincoln.

When We Visited: Nov. 11, 2015

Ages of Kids: 10, 8, 5.5

Lincoln’s Birthplace National Historic Site

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  • Ginny Knaub - Good job Andrew. President Lincoln is one of my favorite Presidents.ReplyCancel

  • Heather - Awesome report, Andrew! Thank you for giving us this information.ReplyCancel

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