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Solar, Power, & Internet

Power Upgrade: So you Want to Install Solar?

I’ve written about the hows, whys, and costs of installing solar panels on your RV or other travel trailer.View full post »

Solar Power Upgrade: Cost Breakdown

Let’s talk about costs. Cost Description $2070 Solar Kit from AM Solar $157 Misc solar install expensesView full post »

Power Upgrade – The Bliss of Automatic Transfer Switches

Our Airstream didn’t come with an inverter installed. There is one AC panel inside the Parallax powerView full post »

Power Upgrade – 2000 Watt Pure-sine Inverter

In case anybody needs proof that I love my wife, I’ll tell you about the Inverter we installed in the Airstream.View full post »

Power Upgrade – Adding Bigger Batteries

Last spring I performed a major Solar Power upgrade on the Airstream. I added 405 watts of solar panels and a solarView full post »

Solar Power Upgrade Part 4 – The Wire Panel

With the solar mounted on top (part 1, part 2) and the wires run to the forward compartment (part 3), there was onlyView full post »

Solar Power Upgrade Part 3 – Self Install Running Wire

At the conclusion of Part 2, we had panels mounted on the roof and wired up to the combiner box. We connected the 6View full post »

Solar Power Upgrade Part 2: Self-Install Combiner Box

At this point of the install, each panel was mounted on the roof, with a wire connected to each panel and routed alongView full post »

Solar Power Upgrade Part 1: Self-Install Panel Mounting

Our plan to self-install solar was a good one. We planned to mail the solar supplies to a friend’s house, thenView full post »

Power Upgrade: My Plan for Self-installing Solar

After evaluating our needs, and figuring out what I don’t know about installing solar, we sought forView full post »

Power Upgrade: Drop-in Multi-stage Converter Upgrade for the Airstream

For some insane reason, our Airstream came from the factory with a single-stage charger. When connected to shore powerView full post »

Power Upgrade – What I don’t know about Installing Solar

When I mentioned a power upgrade on Instagram, I received plenty of recommendations, and an overwhelming vote ofView full post »

Power Upgrade – Our Lifestyle and Power Needs

The time has come for operation “Airstream Power Upgrade” or APU for short. When we bought our Airstream,View full post »

Wandering Wifi

During our first 6 month round of travel, I managed to keep connected with just a loose Verizon Hotspot, with serviceView full post »

With Power Comes Great Freedom – We Have a Generator!

It is now easy to see how stressful it was to always make sure we stayed at campgrounds with electricView full post »