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Liquifaction Sand – Tybee Island, Georgia

Tybee Island GeorgiaAlthough everyone on Facebook had gushed over how Savannah, Georgia was their favorite city and we just HAD to visit, I didn’t want to. I was tired of city. We needed something else and I just couldn’t be tourist that day. Cobblestone streets and old houses were not going to do it for me. Just outside of Savannah, Georgia, however, is Tybee Island. As it is just a short hop from Skidaway Island State Park where we were staying, we decided it was time for the beach.

When We Visited: November 2013

Ages of Kids: 8, 6, 3

IMG_2551We have visited nearly all our beaches in the off-season, and Tybee Island was no exception. Plentiful parking, few people, beautiful sand, and wide open spaces. It was chilly enough that I didn’t want to get in the water, but our kids had no such reservations.

Once they are done frolicking through the waves, they generally end up playing in the sand. This particular day lead to a science lesson.

“Hey kids! Check this out,” Sam exclaimed as he knelt near a pile of sand. The sand had been sitting for a few minutes and it looked as if all the water and seeped below. He bent over, placing his palm on the surface and starting shaking his hand back and forth. Liquid oozed from beneath his fingers as the sand seemed to turn into water before our vary eyes.

liq·ue·fac·tion: the conversion of a solid or a gas into a liquid

Did you know that? Because I sure didn’t. Turns out the sand at Tybee Island beach is, as my kids have now termed it, “liquification sand”. Once it has formed into a pile and looks dried out all you have to do is shake it a little and it turns back into a liquid. Pretty awesome. Entertained the kids for at least a half an hour. #classroomfortheday


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