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The Family Adventure Podcast


Some of our fellow travelers have been busy, and have put together the Family Adventure Podcast. They interview families that have spent significant time traveling with their kids. Many of their travelers have been boat families, sailing around the world for extended periods. They also include RV families, and aim to include all sorts of adventuring.

Listening to these podcast episodes has helped me to realize a few things. First, our adventures are not THAT crazy when held up to a circumnavigation by sailboat over a few years. Slowly traveling by Airstream seems tame by comparison.

Second, I’ve realized that the issues, struggles, and rewards are very similar despite very different methods of travel. Relationships, problem solving, exploring together, and valuable experiences seem to be universal. Similarly, finances seem to always be a topic as families discuss the sacrifices they made and how possible it is to do something amazing without being rich.

I’ve started at the first episode and I’m working my way forward, and I’m loving it! If you are curious about family travel, have questions, or just want to hear the crazy stories, check it out!

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  • Kate - Thanks so much for sharing this, my husband and I are looking forward to listening to a few of these podcasts over the weekend!ReplyCancel

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