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11 Years Is Definitely Not Long Enough

We had a great day. It consisted of no babysitter, not really anytime alone, and lots of time spent with our kids. Maybe that would bother some people, but we’ve never been much for anniversary gifts or overly elaborate celebrations (well, except for last year when he bought me an Airstream). We decided earlier this year that instead of celebrating us as a couple, we’d celebrate us as a family.

Currently Celebrating 11yrsThe kids knew about a week ago that Sam and I wanted to go hiking for our anniversary and then take them out for fish & chips. That’s it. Simple, easy, no fuss. However, it couldn’t be just a simple, easy hike like they were used to. We wanted a LONG one. They were dreading it.

“Too bad,” we said.

“You get to come.”

“It’s our anniversary and we get to pick the activity,” we argued.

We’d recently done a 5 miler up to a glacier and back, so we figured an easy 5 miles with little elevation wouldn’t cause too much whining while still giving us some time on the trails. Thankfully our arguments worked on the kids and we set off on a trail after lunch.

And then our kids hiked 8.5 miles. What we lacked in elevation we more than made up for in distance.  If this is any sign of what our future together as a family will look like, it is bright indeed.

The best part?  I get to spend it all with him. How lucky can a girl be?

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  • danielle - Congrats on 11yrs! That is awesome! You have us 1 upped 🙂 8.5 miles is huge! YAY! I love that taste of freedom! Just wait until they have to wait for you to catch up 🙂ReplyCancel

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