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Minnesota is Warmer Than I Thought It Would Be

IMG_20150720_142943-01Someone I had in my head a vision of the Great Lakes region being relatively cool during the summer. Everyone is just out frolicking on the lakes, sailing, and cycling in their free time in amazingly temperate weather.

Turns out it gets hot. And humid.

We’ve had a couple of really mild weather days, but its also been really hot and humid. We’ve spent a lot of time swimming in lakes, and more time hooked up to electricity to run the air conditioner than I originally planned. Remember my plan to stay in places where we don’t need A/C? Totally failing on that one.

Is that a bad thing? Not really. Just different than my expectations. We keep saying we need to go farther north to find cooler weather, but since we are going to hit the border of Canada sometime in the next week and a 1/2, maybe we just need to find some elevation instead. Realistically, however, we are just going to keep on enjoying this amazing state – heat, humidity and all,  I just won’t be turning on my oven anytime soon.

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  • Bianca Dumas - Hi! I don’t think we’ve met, but we have a lot of people in common. My kids write TurtleTells. We thought just like you did, that Minnesota, Wisconsin, and etc., would be chilly, and it was! We were there in June, and it was cold!

    We saw that you’re from Lehi. We’re parked in a friend’s driveway in Highland right this very minute…ReplyCancel

    • Jess - Hi Bianca! Thanks for commenting. How fun that you are in Highland! We’ll be back in Sept to visit my family that still lives in Sandy. I can’t wait to see the mountains again. Make sure you take a drive up American Fork Canyon as its gorgeous!ReplyCancel

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