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Where Do We Put Everything? Bedroom Edition

With our remodel of the bedroom area in the Airstream also came a rearranging of storage space. Pre-remodel, the queen bed lifted up and there was a huge storage area underneath. Although it was great, some things were hard to get to, and part of the space was accessible only via the outdoor access panel. Neither of us loved this.

As we planned the new space, we put a lot of thought into how we would store things, what containers they would go in, and what specifically would need to be stored. We are pretty happy with the way things turned out, but of course, there’s always room for improvement.

Here’s a look under all 3 beds and what we store where.

Cara’s smaller toddler bed at the end. This was the space only previously accessible from outside. Now, I can’t remember the last time I opened that panel. Awesome.

Where Do We Put Everything 02

Under Rachel’s Bed. There are still a few things we haven’t pulled out in the last few months. As we travel, we tend to re-evaluate and we’ll leave stuff in storage next time through Utah or donate it.

Where Do We Put Everything 03

Under Andrew’s bed. Missing is Cara’s LEGO bucket in the first cubby. Unsurprising since she’s always playing with it.

Where Do We Put Everything 01

I love the springs Sam installed to keep the beds up. Digging around with two hands instead of just one is so much easier!

There you have it! All our storage secrets revealed. We really do love this space and its working out so well. Just for reference – the white laundry bins were purchased through the Container Store. They are perfect!

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  • Meg - I love posts like this. It helps me visualize how we would pack. I love the spring idea. Did Sam have to order them or were they easy to find at a Home Depot or other big box home store?ReplyCancel

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