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What Does Spring Break Look Like for Full Time Travelers?

SAMSUNG CSCWhen you travel full time, “spring break” or “vacation” can be a bit of an anomaly. Many people might think we are constantly on vacation since we see many National Parks, museums, and state parks – destinations that most people vacation to. For us, though, its just life. We still do school, work, shopping, errands, and small home improvement projects.

Last year we spent a week at Camp Noyo in California, which prompted this post on defining a vacation for full time travelers. Similarly, we are taking a vacation for Spring Break this year in Flagstaff, Arizona with some of our very best friends from Lehi, Utah. They drove down from Utah on Monday and we’ve been hanging out doing the tourist thing all week.


“Vacation” means a couple of things to me:
1. Sam isn’t working. He still works early in the mornings when the rest of us are all sleeping, but during the day he comes out exploring with us. Many times I take the kids out by myself, so its been great to have him along!

2. No school. We are taking an official break! Yes, we are still doing Jr. Ranger Badges this week, but everything else is on hold. Its been SO nice to not stress about it. I think I needed this just as much as the kids did!

3. Doing something fun! We’ve visited Walnut Canyon, Wupatki, and Sunset Crater National Monuments, and today we are headed to the Grand Canyon. We’ve played lots of games, relaxed, eaten really great food and generally just enjoyed ourselves! Its a much faster pace than we normally keep (we’ve never done 4 Jr. Ranger Badges in the same week before!), but its also nice to mix things up a bit!

I think we will be ready for “regular life” after this week, but until then we are going to enjoy relaxing and hanging out with our friends!

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