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Long Drive Today and I Have a Headache

Today has been a bit of a crazy day. We are headed back to Utah, and drove from Napa, CA to Reno, NV over the Sierra Mountains (arguably one of my favorite drives ever). At just about 4 hours spent in the car, its a bit of a recent record for us. Add to that another few hours tomorrow in back to back driving days and we are all going to be exhausted! We are such driving wimps.


Therefore, I’m tired. I also had a Cherry Coke Zero that is doing some crazy things to my head. Huge headache, I’m kind of cranky, and seriously exhausted. I’m totally blaming it on the “cherry” as Coke Zero and I have always gotten along just fine. We also got an offer on our house today which means we have to make a decision I’m not sure I’m ready to make. We really weren’t expecting this until more like the end of June. Kind of bumps up the schedule and changes the plans a bit.

We are, however, courtesy parking high above the city in a beautiful development near Sam’s aunt, and she has the most amazing view. Always look for the silver lining.


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