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Hiking With Kids

Hikes we’ve been on and tips & tricks for getting your kids to hike!

Ka’ena Point Hike & Bird Sanctuary – Oahu

We’ve desperately been missing hiking (well, at least Sam and I are) so we decided to drive to the dry side ofView full post »

Gear Review: SHREDLY Women’s Mountain Bike Clothing

SHREDLY Clothing was born when founder Ashley Rankin wanted to spice up the world of women’s mountain bikingView full post »

9 Family Friendly, Adventure Stops Along the Oregon Coast {Plus a Few Bonus Activities}

For anyone that hears “coast” and immediately dons their swimming trunks, the Oregon Coast may come as aView full post »

Summary & Review of REI’s Powder Mountain Outessa Summit

We turned up the winding canyon road and our excitement mounted with every foot of elevation we climbed. We turned offView full post »

Join Me at REI’s Outessa Summit This Summer!

In the last two years of traveling we really haven’t made an effort to attend any conferences or workshops.View full post »

The Truth About Our Outdoor, Adventure-Focused Family

During our recent trip to Utah we had a surprising conversation with my family when I mentioned I was past ready to goView full post »

Gear Review: MindShift 180 Bag Rigged as a Backcountry Backpack

While we would have loved to receive this item for free to review, we actually spent money to purchase it. This postView full post »

Lost Dutchman State Park: Hiking Flat Iron & Introducing Our Kids to MTB

We had heard from fellow travelers that Lost Dutchman State Park was pretty amazing, so when we swung throughView full post »

Our Awesome Hike at Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona

We visited Chiricahua National Monument in eastern Arizona. It was a mountain oasis in a desert of grass. TheView full post »

8 Tips For Choosing the Right Hiking Shoes for Your Kids

With all the outdoor activities in our life, clothes take it pretty hard. For example, we went through cheap PaylessView full post »

The Shoes We Wear – I Finally Retire My Hiking Shoes

I imagine the average person doesn’t think much about their hiking shoe purchases. I’d wager that a goodView full post »

Our Kids Complete the Most Epic Hike EVER in Yosemite National Park

Our kids never cease to amaze me. They have adapted so well to this traveling lifestyle of ours and I see them growingView full post »

Wandering Update: Hiking at Cascade Head near Lincoln City, Oregon

While we were staying along the Oregon Coast, we managed a hike to the top of Cascade Head near Lincoln City, Oregon.View full post »

Visiting Wizard Island at Crater Lake National Park – Oregon

Our adventures can be pretty spontaneous. Sometimes that also means expensive, but the two don’t neccessarily goView full post »

Wandering Update: Hiking Trail of 10 Falls in Silver Falls State Park – Oregon

Last week we hiked the Trail of 10 Falls at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. We had heard great things about thisView full post »

6 Tips for Helping Kids Hike Without Whining

I’m ready for my kids to be long distance hikers. I realize they are still little (8, 6, and 4 years old) but IView full post »

Skiing a Glacier in Great Basin National Park – Nevada

We had plans to stay at a lake between Bryce Canyon & Cedar Breaks that fell through due to lack of Verizon signal,View full post »

The Best Time of Day To Take Your Kids Hiking

Now that summer is here, we are trying to get the kids out hiking. A lot. Usually this involves lots of whining andView full post »

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