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Andrew Turns 6!

He is a mystery to me. Maybe because he’s a boy. Maybe because he’s not a dirt loving, play with trucks kind of boy. He’s social, and sweet, and went through a phase where his favorite color was pink (its orange now thankfully). Even though sometimes I don’t understand him, I’m so grateful that he is in our family. His current loves are playing with Wii, the tablet, the computer or whatever electronic device he can get his hands on, Legos, swimming, Hawkeye from the Avengers… and did I mention electronic devices? Is that a boy thing? It baffles me.

For our birthdays we have a tradition of the birthday child picking their favorite breakfast, I decorate the kitchen while they are sleeping, and they get to open presents before they eat. Wow. We don’t make them wait for anything do we? I figure that way they get to play with their toys all day though instead of having to wait.It keeps them entertained. See how sneaky I am? Andrew also picked playing at a nearby splashpad (free because he wanted an expensive Lego set, we had a chat about that) and and we watched Hotel Transylvania and ate ice cream cake. Done, and done.

Happy Birthday Andrew! I love you!

He also got two different United States puzzles from both sets of grandparents. He loves both equally and I’ve loved watching my kids develop a fascination for US Geography. I’m not sure where one came from, but the other is a Leap Frog United States Interactive Map that entertains all the kids for hours. But of course, you have to have the Tag Reader, or even better yet, the new Leap Reader (can you tell I want one??).

LeapFrog LeapReader Interactive United States Map Puzzle

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