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Having Friends Over to Play

IMG_3716-Edit copyOne of the things I think my kids & I both miss are play dates. The kind where the moms get to sit on the couch and chat while the kids run around and play like cray for hours. There are a few friends back home where life is easier when they are over. The kids will just flit from one activity to the next with very little prompting leaving me to relax.

Having that kind of an experience while traveling and living in an Airstream is less common, but definitely still a possibility as we discovered while hanging out in Houston.

We have a lot of friends around the country – and while we get to courtesy park with most of them (it makes it easier to stay up all night talking when the kids can go to bed) sometimes schedules just don’t work out. We tried to meet up with some college friends on our way in to the Houston area, but my friend, Paige, wasn’t feeling so great so we postponed it to “later”. Well, Christmas came and went and while we were down in Brazos Bend State Park, Paige & her kids decided to come visit!

Honestly, I was nervous about entertaining six kids in 188 square feet. Not even 188 sq feet as Sam was working on the bedroom end. Did I mention that was also the week it was freezing cold and windy outside? We managed a short walk around the lake before everyone’s fingers and toes were frozen and we retreated to the warmth of the Airstream. Paige has 3 kids around the same ages as mine, so we pulled out some toys and let them climb over the couches and bed steering airplanes and cars over the furniture. Sam actually had to join a Skype meeting so he retreated to the truck so he could actually hear what was being said.

The consensus? Fairly chaotic, yet lots of fun! Paige & I got to chat (and occasionally break up a dispute) while the kids played, and we even fed everyone lunch! Totally going to pat myself on the back for that one. We LOVED having visitors over, and it was fun to share our space with friends. While it wasn’t hours on end, I definitely enjoyed my hour and a half of mommy chat time. If we are ever in your area, don’t be afraid to send us a message and set up a play date!

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