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Shopping on Amazon This Year?

Amazon Affiliate Link

If you are anything like me, you’d rather spend your time browsing for the perfect rather than wandering through a shopping center. Its no secret I don’t love shopping, and anything delivered right to my door is WAY better than having to go out and buy it myself.

Last year we had Christmas in Houston and my aunt & uncle were kind enough to let us ship stuff ahead and we had a whole stack waiting for us when we arrived a few days before the 25th. It was awesome.

This year my parents are doing the same, although we’ll have a few extra days to figure out any special gifts and even buy them locally.

My point is, if you like to shop on would you consider clicking through our Affiliate link when you do so?

We’d much appreciate it. Affiliate links are great because you get the same price and we get a few pennies to add to our book fund for sending you there. Most of our accessory posts have affiliate links, not to be malicious, but because we only link to products we really love and earning a few pennies while we are at it is not such a bad deal.

Happy Shopping!

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