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Tubing at Gorgoza Park, Park City UT

We arrived in Utah just as the weather turned cold. It was chilly, but it had not snowed much before Christmas. On the 20th of December we found a tubing place at Gorgoza Park near Park City, and headed up with some family for some fun! We purchased 2 hour lift tickets and secured a tube for each of us.

The tubing place had plenty of groomed runs, and two lifts: the first was a ‘magic-carpet’ style, and the upper lift was a tow rope style. Little Cara had a few stumbles learning to ride the magic carpet, but did just fine after a few tries.

The upper tow line towed you sitting on your tube, for a relaxing ride to the top, where it dumped you over a small hill and dropped the tow line. When we got there the lines were short, and we made quick work getting our early runs in.

Rachel and Andrew did really great, being big kids and even going solo on many of the runs. Little Cara need a little more help, but paid us back with cuteness and fun.


Cara threw her buzz wings into the truck before we left, and wore them the entire time sledding. I’m so grateful for our friend that gave us those wings, as they’ve seen plenty of country in plenty of different weather. Tubing was no exception, and we appreciate the extra speed from her boosters as we rode down the hill.

Jess was much better with the camera than I was with video, but here is a Wandering Update video, with some darn adorable video of Cara right at the end!

Toward the end, some freshly falling snow slowed the runs down and the lines began to back up. We were glad we showed up when the lines were short and the runs were fast! By the time we left, riders coming down the runs were only making it half-way down before coming to a slow stop.

We had originally planned to take the kids skiing for this Christmas, but opted to save that for a later time when we could line up a series of visits and lessons and maximize the experience. We did still want a snow adventure, and tubing allowed family to participate, and it turned out to be a much better option. Travel has taught us to be flexible and change our plans to better fit our needs. This was no exception, and our adventure was very fun and maximized time with family.

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  • Brett - Thanks for posting this. We live in South Jordan and have passed that place many times. Looks like a good place that we need to get to.ReplyCancel

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