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Hundreds of days, and counting!

Crater Lake NP_29I began to wonder today how long we had been traveling. Our ‘getting started’ date is a little fuzzy due to starting with a house-swap before Airstream travel and a short break selling the house. I decided to fix our ‘start’ on November 13th, 2013 when we drove south from Virginia, but not count the 55 days we spent back in Utah selling our house.

As of today, that makes 421 days on the road! Actually doing the math and figuring it made me realize the scope of this adventure we are on. We’ve seen 27 states (14 since November 13th 2013) and briefly visited both Canada and Mexico.

I’ve added a day counter to the blog, so we can more easily keep track of this statistic. Look for it in the left sidebar. Part of my inspiration to keep track of our journey comes from Tim over at WatsonsWander. He recently created an infographic site to detail their travels, and did an awesome job.

We have no idea how long our adventure will be, or of what form it will take. Our goal is to maximize the benefit to our family in experience, in learning, and in service. Our goal is not necessarily a large number, but a meaningful one. May each of these days be invested wisely!

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