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Does Your Family Have a “Thing”?

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Many times over the years Sam and I have had conversations about family identity. Out of everything we do and are, what actually defines us as “Currens”? When our kids get asked about their family, I want them to know exactly what we are and what we do. For me, family identity is right up there in importance with our own personal identity.

For us, I think our family identity is a pretty good blend of Sam, mine, and our kids interests and abilities. Sure you could argue that full time travel definitively defines us, but so do “geek” things, outdoor recreation, our faith in Jesus Christ, and playing games.

The crazy part, is that full time travel doesn’t seem to be enough of a “thing” for me. Nuts, right? We spend tons of time planning, managing, and exploring, but that’s just turned into “life”. What else do I want to define us? We definitely hike (a lot) and have started the kids on mountain biking, rock climbing, road riding, and we even want to get into backpacking this summer. Maybe we’ll be the crazy full time travel hiking family? Or the totally intense mountain biking Airstream people? Or maybe its just not really important?

What do you guys think of when you hear about the Currens? And does your family have a “thing” that helps define you?

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  • Meg - I think about this a lot too when we are treading water and just trying to keep up. I want our family to be so much more than just “surviving the daily grind”. Right now our thing is “being outside as much as possible” and of course “Renovating Alice while kids play on the rope swings and slackline in the backyard” 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - Exploring, hiking, canoeing, trail running, faith. Those are our things. Although in recent months some have taken a back burner and might have to for several years. Grace is our thing right now. I keep coming back to seasons. I never saw my life looking like it does and it takes a lot of grace but even in the mess, there is so much beauty.ReplyCancel

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