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Trying to Keep Balanced and Failing Miserably

shoppingI swore we’d be better this time around. We’d keep exploring, we’d keep traveling, we wouldn’t just STOP. And then somehow we did it anyway! So frustrated with myself. I had so many plans to do FUN things on MONDAY. We weren’t going to wait.Then life completely got in the way and now I don’t have plans to really go play with my kids until THURSDAY. How did I get here?

We had a family council tonight. Due to my frenzied desire to sell every possible item in our house, I’ve been a little…. distracted. Sam has not only been working, he’s been making amazing progress on our Airstream bedroom remodel. The kids have had fun playing with friends, but that is all it has been. PLAY. Without me. Without Sam. I take advantage of their distraction and list a few more items on our FB sale page, or organize one more thing in the garage. Sam is shut away in a room downstairs and we see him only when he emerges for lunch. Even the kids have sensed something is off.

The kids got in trouble for not helping tonight. They were relaxing on their beds reading (something we totally promoted in the Airstream) and were whiny about helping me clean up their room for the Appraiser who is coming in the morning (house needs to be “show ready”. As if we are anywhere close). After 4 minutes of arguing and listening to their whining, I gave up and told them to just go to bed. This led to tears (Rachel) and grumpy faces and more whining (Andrew). To their credit, they dutifully put their Pj’s on, brushed their teeth, turned off the lights and went to bed.

After I cooled down, I went in to go apologize and snuggle. Something was off and we needed to get to the bottom of it. After more tears (both kids) and the” world is ending” dialogue (Rachel) we called daddy and Cara in so we could all talk about it.

We determined we are missing a schedule. While the kids love to free play all day with their friends, they also need structure. We need some school. Some chores. Some WORK. We need more audio books, more family time. Rachel and Andrew want to spend time at places where they have great memories (Trafalga, the swimming pool, the library, Thanksgiving Point). We talked about school and chores in the morning, some designated reading time after lunch, and playing with friends after that. We also talked about everyone cuddling up on the floor in the evenings and listening to our audiobook stories (previously only allowed to listen while driving). We also talked about mom and dad needing help getting ready for the yard sale, and the kids could even earn money by helping with “big” chores.

I feel it was a good heart-to- heart. They went to bed smiling this time, and I feel better prepared to meet their needs. Moving is HARD. Selling all your stuff and moving into an Airstream is HARDER. A lot harder. They are so brave. I’m so proud of them.

We’ll see how things go over the next few days, but I will definitely make an effort to slow down (a little) and make sure we stay balanced.

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