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The {First} Yard Sale


I just wanted to say thank you for all of your kind words and prayers! We survived our first garage sale last Saturday even with all the rain and wind. We had a lot of people come out, and it was great to see some of our friends! We sold quite a bit. Between selling on Facebook and our garage sale our total at this point is about $2200 in addition to $1000 I made selling some of my less used photography lenses (don’t worry, I still have 4!).  Not too shabby.

We still have quite a ways to go. Knowing that we still need to live in our house for the next 2 months, we’ve kept beds, couches, the dining room table, and the washing machine (turns out our dryer is broken but that’s another story). A lot of our furniture is being claimed by my siblings as one is moving out and getting her own apartment (taking my dishes and pan set too! Hooray!), and my younger brother and his wife are upgrading to a larger one. We also haven’t sold the tools yet as we are still working on remodeling the bedroom in the Airstream. Short answer, this was only the beginning. We’ll still have another big “Tool & Misc” Sale in June to get rid of the last of it. For now though, I’m feeling more relaxed that our house is slowly emptying out. We’ve made great progress in only 2 weeks and I’m really grateful for that!

We are planning on getting storage unit. I have too many wall portraits and canvases of our family (casualty of being a portrait photographer I suppose), we have a nice sleep number mattress that’s worth hanging on to, and we’ve promised the kids we will store any toys or stuffed animals they want. It may be that we’ll look at our pile in a few years and think “why on Earth did we keep that?” but for now its what makes sense.

Sam and I have talked at length about the next time we have a house. One great thing about selling *almost* everything is that we have a chance to start over and create a different life for ourselves. While we don’t want a ghost house with nothing in it, we definitely want to be more deliberate about what we buy and what we keep.

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  • danielle - That is so cool! I really would like to get rid of a lot of stuff as well! I would start our life so differently knowing what I know now. I really enjoy following all of your adventure.ReplyCancel

  • Heather Burton Ipson - Jess, this makes me want to purge everything I own! Jealous of your adventure for sure, but since I can’t have that, you’ve inspired me to at least do some spring cleaning in my home! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Mike Goad - In the last day or so, I’ve explored your blog from beginning to now. The only thing we really have in common with you is RVing and we don’t do that full time. What I am doing is linking interesting and/or useful post on a couple of page at Haw Creek. I think I’ve linked to 8 to 10 of your posts. By doing, I’m learning some new things and discovering new places that I would never have come across. I’m hoping that others may find it useful.

    We’re not LDS, but have lived in communities with high LDS concentrations, specifically Idaho Falls and Arco in Idaho. I have long had a great respect for the LDS and have learned more through some of your post.ReplyCancel

    • Jess - Thanks so much for your comments and perusal of our blog! Checked out Haw Creek and it looks great!ReplyCancel

      • Mike Goad - You’re welcome, and thanks.

        I’ve been blogging for ten or more years now, yet, on this exploration of other people’s blogs, I’m learning and picking up new ideas. For instance, in my most recent post, in the link below this comment, I used your technique of including, near the beginning, when we went, where we stayed and a couple of tips.ReplyCancel

  • Carol - We hope to be full-timing next year at this time. We’ve had 3 yard sales in the past year. It’s sad to see some things go but feels great to a lighter load. Once the kids move out this summer, we can downsize even more. We decided to sell the house ‘furnished.’ We have some nice pieces but they don’t justify paying storage month after month. Like you, if we decide to settle down again, we’ll just start over.ReplyCancel

    • Jess - It is definitely a bitter-sweet experience! We offered our buyers the option of purchasing anything, but we just don’t have nice enough furniture. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Getting Rid of Our Stuff and {Our House Cooling Party} » Currently Wandering - […] Sale(s): Probably my least favorite option, but worked well. Our First Yard Sale was a success despite the crazy rainy weather, and our second Tool Sale/Misc sale also went rather […]ReplyCancel

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