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Airstream Meet-Up: AudreyAirstream

Through Instagram we realized that Heather & Jeff of Audrey Airstream would be in Napa, California the same time as us! After visiting with Sam’s family in the area for almost two weeks, we were just about ready to head back across Nevada to take care of the Utah house. Knowing they were coming into town, however, we extended our stay by just a few days in order to overlap. So glad we did!

Who Are They: Heather, Jeff, and their Airstream named Audrey


When We Met Up: April 2014

A Little About Them: Heather & Jeff were on a 2 month trip around the western US during a break from working. They both had just quit their jobs and were taking a break before heading back into the work scene. They hail from Las Vegas, NV.

Hiking in Napa_004

After a few back and forth emails with Heather about where we wanted to meet up, I finally had the  idea to go hiking in the Skyline Wilderness Park where we were staying. Jeff is a avid hiker, and I know that Heather often tags along (although she says she can’t go as far as her husband!).  We picked a trail with some potential views of the city and had a great time. I was SO impressed with Jeff and my kids. Andrew talked his ear off about everything under the sun and Jeff amazed Rachel with his grass eating skills. I’m now convinced that if I ever need my kids to hike without whining we have to take Jeff with us. They still tag rocks and yell “Switchback!” when turning sharp corners.

Hiking in Napa_007

Afterwards, we hung out for a bit at the Airstream and ate Triple Berry and then Mango & Pineapple Sorbet. Yum!

Hiking in Napa_008

We are so grateful to have met this amazing couple! Part of the reason we LOVE traveling (and in an Airstream to boot!) is the amazing community of people that we associate with. We haven’t met anyone that wasn’t gracious, willing to help with anything, and amazingly nice and good with our kids. Plus, when they come bringing Annette’s Chocolate you just know you are bound to be friends. 🙂

Hiking in Napa_010

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